Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February Goals

Even though we are in the middle of a "Snowpocalypse" and might not make it to the morning (haha), I thought it was still important that I set some goals for February.

I don't have a super long list of goals this month, but a lot of that has to do with the fact that the few I have will take some work. So here goes...

1.) Start the Ease Into 10K program. I still haven't really found my mojo with running since the holiday season began, so I am praying that I can get my wind back this month. And I better because if I plan to run an 8K in April, I need to get my butt in gear! I originally thought starting the "Bridge to 10K" would be my best bet (since I am a C25K graduate), but then I found an "Ease into 10K" program which will be MUCH better for me since I took such a long running break :-) I am starting it "officially" on Sunday. Wish me luck!

2.) Throw Out 50 Things...Again. I would like to get started on some Spring cleaning and since we are basically housebound for the next few days, I thought I would bust out my Throw Out Fifty Things book and see if I could try again. I posted about it a loooong time ago but never really followed through. But I will this time!

3.) Clean out my "Desk". So remember when I turned that computer cabinet in my bedroom into our home office? It was really the best I could do at the time, considering I gave up my actual office to make a playroom and I didn't want to spend the money on a new piece of furniture. But after 6 months of working in a cabinet, I realize it is time to figure out a new desk situation. I have the perfect corner in our bedroom to use as a workspace, but to really utilize the space, I need a corner desk unit. Here is a picture of one from Pottery Barn that I LOVE...

This desk is a little (okay a lot) out of my price range so I consulted my Pops today and he agreed to make me something similar! He has a few projects ahead of mine so it gives me some time to purge old files, clean out and organize all my office supplies, and make space for the new desk in my room. I just LOVE a new project.

4.) Scrapbook at least 30 pages. At first this seemed like a lofty goal, but since I was able to accomplish about 20 pages in just one night, I thought this was the perfect number. And really...I NEED to be getting this many pages done a month if I plan to ever catch up.

Well that's my list friends! Anyone else setting goals for February?


  1. I love your sweet blog. I found you through your cousin, Krissy...she was my favorite co-worker at school-now I am a SAHM. Anyways...love your goals and how you write them down! I, also,have had my eye on that PB desk for yrs. LOVE IT. SO happy for you to be getting a similar one soon! Good luck with your goals;)

  2. My goals are....

    To finally have a Skype or G-chat date with someone I know a couple of thousand miles east...

    And! For you to tell me all about this scrapbooking stuff so I can do it too!


  3. Pops is awesome and will make something even BETTER!

  4. I have that exact desk only in black. :)


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