Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'm So Over You Winter!

I'm spending my naptime today eating left over Valentine's candy, flipping through my Pottery Barn Catalog and dreaming of spring. Don't you wish you had a view like this from your window right now?

Living in the Midwest is actually pretty awesome (in my opinion) because you get to experience all of the seasons. We have beautiful springs, warm balmy summers, colorful falls and crisp, sparkly winters. We get it all here and I love that. BUT...that doesn't mean that I don't get totally and completely SICK of each season as it comes to a close. By the end of summer, I am begging for cooler fall weather. And when Christmas is in the air, I am begging for a thick blanket of snow. I guess I really only enjoy any season for about a month or two and then I'm over it.

So I have officially reached that point with winter this year. I am over bundling up in 20 layers just to run to the store. I am over snow boots. I am over the sickies and winter germs. And most of all, I am over my house and being trapped inside for weeks on end. I long for the days of having my windows open, for sitting on my patio reading my Nook while the kids nap, for going places without having to wear a coat, for fresh fruit and veggies and most of all...for taking a run outside!!

Are all of you dreaming of Spring already? What are you most looking forward to?


  1. I'm ready for open windows and my swimming pool!!!

  2. I am usually a snow lover but I'm completely over winter this year. Bring on Spring!

  3. I hope you are able to warm up soon!!! = )))

  4. Hoping that you see some decent temps soon!!! I'm actually really liking our winter here... In fact, it's pretty today! Only about 40 degrees but still! I think I'm taking the babies to the park when they wake up from naps!!!


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