Monday, February 7, 2011

Birthdays & Kiddie Hangovers

I think it is safe to say that the vast majority of our country suffered from a Super Bowl hangover today. Between the drinks, the food and the late night partying...I know a lot of people were hurting today. But what I didn't realize is that kids can suffer from party hangovers too. And let me tell you...kid hangovers are NOT fun.

Now, I can't blame my babies for being a little out of sorts today. We had a crazy fun weekend. It all started on Saturday when we celebrated three special birthdays. My brother Ryan, my sis-in-law Meagan and my Dad all have February birthdays so we decided to celebrate them together for one big Par-Tay!!

Addie made herself right at home in Uncle Ryan and Aunt Meagan's office...

And did some coloring. With Sharpies. Thanks for that Ry :-)

While Addie colored, Blake took advantage of some Nana time...

In case you haven't noticed from reading this blog, our family has a hard time keeping secrets when it comes to gifts. But even though Meagan knew we were getting her a Nook, she still acted surprised when she opened it.

Ryan also knew what his gift was, since he asked for it, so there was no big surprise there either. Addie did pick out his SuperMan wrapping paper, which she explained as she ripped it apart :-)

Beek helped too...

Every year, I give Ryan a jumbo pack of Reeses Peanut Butter cups because they are his favorite. As it turns out, they are Addie's favorite too (or so she claims :) At first Uncle Ryan wasn't sure if he would share...

But then he caved like usual. He is a sucker for that little girl :-)

Now...even though Meagan and Ryan knew what they were getting, Pops was TOTALLY surprised. We were all dying for him to open his gift, but instead he took his sweet time opening cards. The kids got him this card. It says, "GRANDPA: Spoil 'Em Good, Send 'Em Home". This is totally his modo...

So the surprise...

My Dad bought some amazing new software to help him with estimates for his business, but because my dad works on an ANCIENT desktop SIL Diana thought it might be great to surprise him with a new laptop that he can take with him to jobs. So my brother Ryan set out on a mission to find the perfect computer (he is our family tech guy) and even though I didn't get a picture of his "surprised" face, I can assure you Pops loved it.

After gifts, we did what we do best. We smiled for pictures...

Ate some DELICIOUS pizza...

Played some Wii...

Ate some Peanut Butter Cup pie...

Took our pants off...

Okay...that last one was just Blake. But I was so full, I thought about taking mine off too. Haha!

Like I said...crazy fun weekend. And that was just Saturday!

So yesterday, SIL Dana invited all of us over for a fabulous Super Bowl party. They had BBQ, beef sandwiches, dips, and countless other delicious apps my mother-in-law Patti put together. I was so darn busy stuffing my face, I didn't even take out my camera! And that is SO not like me!! But I can assure you we had a great time. BUT...the kids stayed up way past their bedtime for the second night in a row and that ALWAYS means trouble.

Our night last night went something likes this:

10:00: Both kids sound asleep so Eric and I head to bed

11:01: Blake's first wake-up. I go in, pat his back, leave the room.

12:05: Blake's second wake-up. Screaming. I get up, make a sippy of milk, take it in and Blake chucks it at my head. His fingers are in his mouth so I rub my finger on his gums and realize that he is cutting 8 teeth at one time. 4 of those are molars. He has been working on these teeth for a while but now they are ALL breaking skin.

12:10: I administer Motrin :-)

12:11-1:18: Blake screams, waiting for the Motrin to work. Eric and I alternate going in to comfort him.

1:20: Blake is finally asleep, so Eric and I fall asleep

2:10: Addie is up. Has to go pee-pee. Big shocker. So I get up and take her.

2:45: Addie realizes I shut her bedroom door and she doesn't want it shut. I go down and open it.

3:15: Howie is up. Has to go outside to pee. I get up, let him out, wait for him to chase an animal, bring him in, dry off the snow, head to bed.

4:15: My alarm goes off. Why? Because today was registration for PRESCHOOL!!!!

That's right friends! That was my important early morning activity today. My cousin-in-law Katie is signing Audrey up at this preschool too so we rode together to the registration. You know...the registration that technically started at 9:00 a.m. But we got there at 5:00.

Ever since Katie and I started telling people that we wanted to send the girls to this particular preschool, we've been reminded countless times to get there "early" because the morning sessions fill up fast. When people said "early" I thought they meant get there at like 7:30 or 8:00. But later, we found out that the director passes out numbers to people waiting at 7:00, which means you needed to get there LONG before 7:00 if you wanted a morning slot. So we did. We got there looooooooong before 7:00. And guess what? We were first in line :-)

Now don't go calling us crazy just yet. The second car pulled in about 10 minutes behind us and they just kept coming. By 6:00, there were already 15 cars in line. For Preschool. So Katie and I drank coffee and watched the sun come up today. Even though I was EXHAUSTED from my long night of no sleep, it was nice to just sit and chit-chat.

I really thought the excitement of getting Addie into my preschool of choice would be enough to get me through the day. And it probably would have, if my kids wouldn't have partied themselves silly this weekend. The rest of the day was a LOT of crying, whining and eye-rubbing and I realized that kid hangovers are WAY worse than the ones we get as adults. At least we have the ability to sleep it off. Kids just walk around like zombies, fighting sleep with every ounce of energy they have left. It was a hard day.

But now that both kids are bathed, drugged (just Motrin :-), and cozy in their's time this mama heads to bed too. Nighty Night!

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  1. Isn't no wonder there tired, I got tired from just reading all that! Sounds like a busy but terrific weekend. Hope you ALL catch up on your sleep tonight!


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