Monday, February 14, 2011

My Little Love Bugs

When I bought these little Hallmark "Bug 'em" Lady Bugs a few weeks ago I thought, "Oh are such a sucker for a gimmick." And I was. I saw that commercial where the mom puts these little lady bugs in the kids bedrooms with little treats and they all wake up with big smiles. I was sold. So I bought them. And today...I am SO GLAD I did!

You two little love bugs are sick. Addie is definitely on the mend, but she still isn't 100%. She woke up fussing a little today but then I heard her yell from her room, "There's a Wady Bug on my dresser!!!" That little frown of hers turned upside down...

And Blakey Boy was equally excited to see his lady bug waiting for him with a big bag of Yogurt Bites. Look at his sick little face :-(

I think what bums Addie and I out the most today is that she can't go to ballet. Her cough is just a little too strong to be around other kiddies, which is really sad because I made a bunch of special treats for her to take to her friends today...

But that's okay...Aunt Dana and Nia are going to take them for us. And then we can stay home and eat a bunch of our own Valentine's treats...

And when Daddy comes home, we can have the rest our chocolate fondue. YUMMY!!!!

I hope you all have a Very Happy Valentine's Day!!!!


  1. Aww, poor babies. I'm still not great so I know how Addie feels. This flu has been kicking my butt. Your treats are adorable! I may have to stop over for one!

  2. Glad those little bugs made them smile! Your treat look yummy, especially that fondue! Hope you and the kiddos have a fantastic Valentines Day!

  3. Um, can you please be MY mom. You are so fun!! Happy Valentines Day :)

  4. Jen- I am right there with you. My boys are sick again too, and they missed their Valentine's Day party at school. Oh well, guess they can bring in the goody bags I made later in the week! Hope Addie and Blake feel better soon!

  5. Aw, everyone is sick! My little man has a cold going on two weeks, WITH an ear infection :(

    Love the lady bugs! I was just telling my husband yesterday how much I loved giving valentines in school, and that I can't wait for Levi to get bigger so I can make his valentines with him :)


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