Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Persnickety Prints Are In!!!

And I'm here to tell you scrapbooking is the way to go!!! Pernickety Prints has now COMPLETELY sold me on this idea and I'm not sure I'll ever go back to traditional scrapbooking again. Just look how gorgeous my prints turned out...

And no one is paying me or offering me freebies to say that. I found Persnickety Prints through Clover Lane and they are every bit as awesome as she said they were. These prints are crystal clear and the paper quality is AMAZING for the price. Just think of it this way...

The black and white photo of Blake on the page to the left is about the size of an 8x10. To order an 8x10 print from Shutterfly or Snapfish is $3.99 and then you would still have to buy scrapbook paper, adhesive, stickers, etc. so you are easily talking AT LEAST $6 for one traditional scrapbook page. These pages from Persnickety are $1.99! I actually scored them for $1.89 a page during their Superbowl sale, which is why I ordered so many prints off the bat :-)

Have I sold you yet? No? Well how about just a month of working on digital scrapbooking (and we are talking maybe 10 hours of work total) I have completed 68 pages!!! When I would spend nights (or days) doing traditional scrapbooking...I would be lucky if I got 10 pages done. I am not fast AT ALL but digital just worked so much better for me! So really...if you have some free with some digital scrapbooking software and give it a go. I promise you won't regret it :-)


  1. I second that! The colors are gorgeous. Thank you for getting me a copy made of all the Christmas pages. That saved me TONS of time.

  2. Digital Scrapbooking is something I really don't understand but would love to learn more about. Your pages are gorgeous :)

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  4. Eric said...
    Wow...this is GREAT to know Jen! Thanks for posting!! I"ll definitely have to look into doing this for Breckin's 1st year since it seems nearly impossible to have time for spending hours upon hours scrapbooking @ this point.. but maybe eventually ;-) Either way, thanks & your pages turned out adorable!!!!

    PS-This is Bre... I'm just logged in under Eric's acct for some reason!

  5. So do you order the pages and then buy a scrapbook to put them in or does it all come together?


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