Friday, February 18, 2011

Nothing Screams Romance Like an RV Show

When you hate to fly, but love to travel...what's the best way to get from point A to point B? RV of course! Eric and I have been talking a LOT about investing in an RV. Actually, Eric has been talking a lot about investing in an RV. I've always known that he wanted one, especially when he got his sights on the fabulous camper my brother and SIL have. But when he started coming home with random pamphlets and brochures...I knew he was serious.

Now, our kids are not at the right age to start going on road trips yet, but that doesn't mean we can't look and dream for the future. Plus, we belong to a great beach and recreational club that would be the PERFECT spot for "camping" with little ones (especially since our club is only 30 minutes away :-) So if you know you are in the market for something like this and you want to make sure you end up with something you love...and not a camper like Cousin Eddie's...

You need to do your research. You can do a lot of research online and Eric has made several stops at local dealers, but when we realized the Chicago RV & Camping show is this weekend...we decided it was time for a date night. Really romantic huh?

Now, I am ALL for camping, as long as I can camp in luxury. I'm not a huge fan of bugs or wild animals, I prefer to bathe in a shower and not a public outhouse, and I like to sleep on something a little more comfortable than dirt. So RV is right up my alley, especially if that means we can travel as a family and NOT have to get on an airplane. Have I mentioned how much I hate flying?

You really makes me excited to think about all the things we will get to do with the kids someday. There is so much of the United States that I haven't seen yet. I have only seen mountains from a distance and I have never seen the Pacific Ocean. Ever. And really, what better way to explore our country than on a road trip?!! So like I said...we are off to the RV show this weekend. We will also be double dating with our friends Jimmy and Jenny but when we invited them to come to the RV show with us before dinner, they said, "Thanks...but no thanks". Their loss. Ha!

But after the show, we will be meeing up for steaks and martinis. YUMMY!! The place we are going has this to-die-for Chocolate Banana Martini...

I may just order more than one. Look out!!!

Having a date night to look forward to makes Fridays so much more fun :-) I hope you all have a fabulous weekend too! I'll let you know how the RV show goes. I am sure we will have a beauty in our sights when we leave :-)


  1. We just went to our local RV show a couple weeks ago..and it was kind of fun to do! Sounds crazy..but we liked looking at all of the different kinds of RV's out there! Have fun..and enjoy your weekend!!

  2. I have ALWAYS wanted an RV!! It is my goal for when I am older! haha. I am not a traditional camper but I think I could do the RV thing :)

  3. I always loved cousin Eddie's RV. Make sure that yours comes with a "HOSE" get it? HAHA!


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