Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Playdate, 3 Mile Run & Dexter

These are the reasons I could not post today. And honestly, they are all worth posting about. My playdate was with an old friend that I went to Kindergarten with. I thought about doing a post where I showed an old picture of us when we were kids, and then follow it up with a picture of us with our kids. But that didn't happen. I was too busy chasing, chatting and sipping coffee to grab my camera. Failed post #1.

Then I figured I could post about the unseasonably warm weather we had today. I mean, we did set a record afterall....

I took advantage of this 60 degree day by going for an AMAZING 3 mile run. Seriously...that is the best I have felt running in a LONG time. I thought I could post about that and use it as motivation to keep going. But it will be back in the 30s soon, which means I will head back down to my treadmill...which is far from exciting. So...failed post #2.

And finally...Eric and I wrapped up Season 4 of Dexter tonight. Oh. My. Freaking. Lord. That was the most intense episode of a show I have watched in a LONG time. There was only one other show finale that got my heart pumping like that and it was the shooter episode of Grey's last season. I am going to have trouble sleeping tonight for sure. But I am glad that Eric and I are almost caught up on this series because we have done NOTHING but watch Dexter episodes since we got the DVDs. We need a life. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to write a post on how I have a love/hate relationship with TV but because it is almost midnight and I am going to have to be up with one or both of my kiddies in about 5-6 hours...I need to hit the sack. Failed post #3. Sorry friends!! Talk to you tomorrow!

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