Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Week End & The Week Ahead

It may not have been everyone's idea of romance...but Eric and I had an amazing date night at the RV show this weekend. We looked at a TON of campers but in the end...we were both in love with this beauty right here...

It may not look like much from the outside, but let me tell you...this baby was gorgeous in person. Eric is most excited about this outdoor kitchen/cooking area...

While I am most excited about this...

The bedroom you see toward the back is the Master, but at the opposite end there is another larger room for the kids. It has an entertainment center, 3 bunks (4 if you count the movie chairs that fold down into another bed). There isn't a picture online of this room but it is AWESOME! And it will also double as a great play space for the kids. The price was definitely right on this camper (especially with the show discount) so we decided at this time next year...we will bite the bullet and bring home our new toy. Woohoo! That gives us one year to sell some other unused toys and save some money. I can't wait!!!!!!

Because we stayed out a little too late last night, we have spent the rest of this weekend lounging. It's rainy today so it was the perfect opportunity. Plus, we have quite a busy week ahead of us! For starters, we have ballet tomorrow and it is my one Monday a month where I watch Nia for the day. The girls had such a blast last time so I can't wait to have her back :-)

And then, perhaps the most EXCITING part of this brother Ryan and SIL Meagan will find out the sex of their baby on Tuesday!!!! WOOHOO!!!!

So far, everyone in our family is calling "Boy" but I am sticking with Girl. Either way...I am so excited to find out if I will be gaining a little niece or nephew!!!!!!!!

Its going to be a long wait on Tuesday to find out the news, so it's a good thing I will be distracted with another little baby! My BFF Tiffany's sister Bre just became a mommy in January and I have yet to meet her little peanut Breckin!!

This little guy is already SO much bigger than he is in this picture and I just can't wait to see his sweet face in person.

In addition to all this fun and excitement, I also have a stack of papers to grade, 3 runs I need to cram in somewhere and final birthday prep for Addie's party to complete. Whew! I'm tired just thinking about it! I may not be the world's best blogger this week, but I will at least have some good material when I do post :-) Until then friends!


  1. That is one nice camper. We have a pull behind & I love it! Right now we are renting it out to a family friend BUT we are in the process of building him an apartment so I will get the camper back this year. I'm so excited!!! Can't wait to hear if you are getting a new niece or nephew!!!

  2. I love reading your blog and really do think you can/do juggle it all. We so want a camper too..budgeting is hard for me as a SAHM. I hope I am not overstepping the line, but would love to hear some of you ideas on how you make this SAHM work along with the demands of 529's and retirement. Lets just say after looking at you camper we are changing our minds.

  3. Anonymous - Thanks for stopping by and for the sweet comment! Although it may appear that I can juggle it all I assure you...I have lots of help from my awesome family :-)

    Now, if you are in search of financial wisdom, I am afraid you asked the wrong girl. I work DAILY on finding a way to live on a tighter budget as a SAHM. Some days (or weeks or months) are great and we are able to meet all our financial needs AND save, while other days (or weeks or months) we find that one thing or another has set us over our budget. We have plans for the future and retirement in place, but I would be lying if I said my husband and I don't go overboard sometimes when it comes to having fun. Before we were married, my husband invested in several large toys, (i.e. a motorcycle, a boat, etc.) and now that it has become obvious that we are not using these toys, we thought this could be the year we sell them so that we could pay for a camper out right and not have a payment. This is really the only way we can afford (and justify) spending money on something like this. But we also look at it as an investment for our family. We may not have the money to go on luxury vacations every year but if we have this camper...we know there will ALWYAS be something fun to do...even if it means camping in our driveway. Ha!


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