Thursday, March 31, 2011

Grey's Anatomy, Wine & Girl Scout Cookies

I used to be a HUGE Grey's Anatomy fan. Great storylines, great characters, great music...the show had it all. Then I felt like the writer's strike ruined everything. The show just didn't come back as strong in my opinion and I got dizzy from riding the Meredith/Derrick rollercoaster over and over again.

Anyway, after last year's crazy awesome season finale, I have been back on the Grey's train. This season has been pretty good so far and I love that Callie is pregnant, especially with Mark's baby. It's all too perfect. If you are a fan of the show, then you probably know that tonight's episode is going to be a big one. It's the Musical episode, which I normally find cheesy in other shows, but I am pretty excited about this one!

Sara Ramirez was on Access Hollywood talking about the episode and it sounds like everyone is belting out a tune or two!

I'm anxious to see if McSteamy can sing. He's so good really doesn't matter :-) I know I shouldn't be this exicted to watch a silly TV show tonight, but there will be wine and Girl Scout cookies to go with it. Does that make it better? Anyone else excited to watch tonight's show?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Updates From The Davis Household

I realize I have been asking for a lot of prayers and advice lately, so I thought it might be nice to update everyone on a few things that have been going on in the Davis household!

* This isn't that important, but I thought I should let you all know that Red Riding Hood was a great movie. Honestly...I really enjoyed it! How can you not love romance, action and werewolves? It's obvious that reviewers are either too harsh, or I just have terrible taste in movies. But either way, I thought it was really good and I would totally watch it again when it comes out on DVD :-) Thanks for the great girls night Di! Love ya!

* Thanks for all your prayers for Mr. Howard! His surgery is scheduled for next Thursday and it can't come soon enough. This little bigger is getting pretty sick of running on 3 legs :-)

* And speaking of health issues, I wanted to let you all know that my Daddy-O is getting his vision back!!! Not all at once, but we are making progress daily. The natural progression was for him to start seeing colors, then shapes, then peripheral vision, then full vision (if we are so lucky). After only about 3-4 weeks of healing, he is already getting his peripheral vision back!! Another 4 weeks and we are hoping all is back to normal for him. Thank you for thinking of him...prayers obviously work my friends :-)

* And on a lighter note, we finally decided on a swingset! My SIL Dana was shopping at Sams Club not too long ago and came across this Adventures Playset and it was just what we were looking for! And in comparison to everything else I've looked at the, the price is unbeatable!!!!

We are ordering this bad boy in the next few days and I can't wait!!!!

Well I guess that is all I have for today friends! I've got class tonight and my students turned in quite a disappointing set of papers, so I have some tweaking to do on my lesson plan. Note to not assign an essay over Spring Break again :-)

I hope you all have a great hump day!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I'm No Movie Critic...

Nor do I claim to be. I have been to a lot of movies that I thought were awesome, but got horrible reviews. Hello...Twilight anyone? Bad reviews normally don't shy me away from seeing movies, which is a good thing because I am going to see Red Riding Hood with my SIL Diana tonight...

This poor movie has been BEAT UP in reviews. And not just by professionals, but also by friends who I normally turn to when everyone else says a movie sucks. You'd think this would make me shy away from it but for some strange reason, I am more interested in seeing it now! I want to know if it is really as bad as everyone says.

Plus...I gotta be honest. The Apple Pie Gal and I haven't been out together in...well...YEARS...I think? So to sit down with her, eat some popcorn and drink some cherry Coke, and talk about how awesome or horrible this movie is seems like a fun night no matter what.

* Please note that this movie night was made possible by Nana. Thanks to her coming over today to watch the kids while I caught up on some school work that I would have had to bury myself in tonight, I will now be able bury myself in junk food and bad cinematography :-) Thanks Nana! Love you!

Monday, March 28, 2011

My Boobies Did Me Proud

If you would have told me 4 years ago that I would nurse TWO children for over a YEAR, I would have told you that you were crazy. To be honest, the whole idea of breastfeeding wasn't that appealing to me in the beginning. I am very modest (or I use to be) and the thought of having to whip out a boob to feed a child just seemed awkward. And uncomfortable. And scary. But there is a lot of pressure out there to give breastfeeding a try and I didn't want to look back and regret not giving it a go. So I did.

To my surprise, both of my children were excellent nursers. They took right to it and I was SHOCKED by how natural it felt. In fact, when Addie started having a little trouble nursing, I was SAD that I might have to give it up. I knew then how important it was to me. I never expected to go an entire YEAR, but that's just how it worked out for me. And since I gave her a year, I figured it was only fair that I give Blake that long if he took to it as well. And he did. That little bugger would still be nursing if I let him :-)

Now, this is not to say that breastfeeding was super easy for me, or any mom who has done it. Breast feeding is HARD! You have to make a LOT of sacrifices to breast feed. For one thing, you have to endure the pain of it all. Sore nipples, engorged boobies, the whole nine. And in addition to that, you have to patient. I figured you would just put a child to breast, they would eat until they were full, and then you would be done until the next feeding. Yeah...SO not the case. But every mom has a different experience. My kids had a tendency to fall asleep and then get up wanting to nurse again, even if had only been a half hour. I was nursing ALL. THE. TIME. And then my kids didn't want a bottle so I was the sole provider for a good 5 months until solids were introduced. That's a lot of commitment!

And because your body is responsible for ALL your baby's nutrition, you have to watch everything you eat. I had to be faithful about my vitamins and make sure I ate plenty of fruits, veggies and protein. I couldn't have more than a glass of wine on occasion and I couldn't take any medication except for Tylenol when necessary. This might not seem that hard, but after giving all this up for 9 months while pregnant, it was a lot to ask to give it up for another YEAR after that. But I did it for my kiddies. I did it because I wanted to breast feed and I wanted to keep them healthy. But trust me...there were many days I said to the kids, "PLEASE take a bottle. Mommy wants to drink and take some NyQuil". Haha!

But seriously, it is a lot of work. Any nursing mama (even a mom who only did it for a day) can tell you that. I just felt that if I had the ability to do it, I needed to. So many mom's out there wish they could nurse their kids, especially for that length of time, so I tried to be grateful for that every day. But with that said, I do have some advice for new mommies out there. I know everyone is different and my opinion may mean very little, but I always try to share my experience with others since breast feeding can be such a scary topic.

1. My biggest piece of advice for any new mama is to set realistic goals. I don't know if it is always a good thing to start out saying, "I'm going to nurse for a year" because that is a long time with a lot of hurdles to cross. I felt like if I set more realistic goals, I wouldn't be as let down if things didn't work out the way I planned. So in the beginning, I said I wanted to at least try nursing. Then, if I could get it to work, I wanted to go at least a month. And then if that worked, I would try to get to 3 months, and then 6 months, etc. I felt like every time I reached a milestone, I could assess how things were going. Was I too stressed? Was the baby getting enough milk? Did I feel like I could go on without crying at every feeding? As new mamas, we have ENOUGH to worry about. Forcing breast feeding if it is just not happening seems like unnecessary stress to me.

2. Remember that formula is NOT the devil. In fact, formula nowadays is quite awesome. When your child takes formula, they are guaranteed the perfect amount of nutrition and you can monitor how much milk your baby gets. Those are not guarantees with breastfeeding. When I was nursing Blake, I became anemic and his iron was also low as a result. I had to take more vitamins to compensate and if I were giving him formula, this wouldn't have been an issue. So really...if you go into all this knowing that formula is not the devil, you will feel more at peace if you make the decision to not breast feed.

3. Find support from friends, family members and lactation consultants. Have someone you can call when you have questions, concerns, etc. Like I said...breast feeding isn't always easy so have a support system to get you through. This will help TREMENDOUSLY.

4. Buy yourself a nursing cover. I had one by Bebe Au Lait and LOVED it. The reason for this is that although you say you will "never nurse your baby in public" me when I say you will. Even if by "public" you mean your in-laws house. It's hard to always leave conversations and functions to go nurse your baby, especially if people are over visiting you. But when a baby has to nurse ALL the time, you need something a little more handy than a blanket. This is a nursing mom's must-have item in my opinion :-)

5. Prepare to hear the phrase, "The baby only wants YOU. If I had milk, I'd nurse him/her for you". If only we were coconuts...

It will get frustrating when your baby only wants YOU to feed him. I went through this with both kids. And when you wake up in the middle of the night, exhausted beyond belief, and you look at your husband resting peacefully on the other side of the bed, you might have thoughts of kicking him in the leg or pushing him off the edge. But don't. Then you will have two crying babies. Ha!

6. And finally, invest in some good nursing bras!!!!! I found Gap maternity bras to be reasonably priced and VERY comfortable and flattering. I had a few from Target that worked well, but fell apart very quickly. I was also not impressed with my bras from Motherhood because they made my boobs look like torpedoes. But again, every mother has their own preference so be sure to go try some on. And don't be afraid to pay a little more to buy good ones. It's worth it in the end :-)

Well those are just a few of my breast feeding tips for all you soon-to-be new mamas out there. For me, breast feeding was the best bonding experience ever and I wouldn't trade a single moment for the world.

But now that I am FINALLY done, it's time for me to reward my boobies for a job well done. I would love to treat them to a vacation in the Dominican Republic, where I could let them hang out freely to soak up some sun. But instead, I think I will just settle for some new bras that make me feel good again. The only other draw back to nursing is that even the greatest set of boobies WILL look like National Geographic when you are done. Just saying. Trying to keep it real here. So for now, I will get some great new bras, and then down the road, this mama may go for a more permanent lift. You know, when money starts falling from the sky :-)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Aunt Diana's Mini-Me

On Wednesday, I told Addie were going to Aunt Di's house to eat mac & cheese and play with baby chicks this week. She has talked about NOTHING else since then, so you can imagine how excited we all were to get to Aunt Di's today. I wish I could say the kids took their time eating the delicious homemade mac & cheese she made, but they were just too darn excited to get outside...

I gotta tell ya...I was a little worried about how the kids would react to the baby chicks. I mean, I think we all know how I am with wild animals...

But to my utter surprise, BOTH kids weren't scared one bit!! I couldn't believe how well Blake did with them...

You know...until he tried to rip one of their heads off. Don't worry...the chick is fine :-) He just doesn't know the meaning of "gentle" yet.

But Addie does. We talked a lot about how tiny baby chicks are and how she has to handle them VERY gently. Aunt Di gave her a little lesson before we went out to the coop too and Addie listened to everything we said. She was SO sweet with them.

She did so well, Aunt Di even let her hold one by herself.

She named this little guy, "Pluto"

And she named this one, "Hot Coco", which is not to be confused with just plain "Coco"

After Addie got to hold the chicks herself, she wanted to do EVERYTHING by herself. But Aunt Di was so patient. She taught her how to hold out feed for the chicks so that they could come up and eat out of her hand.

But then of course she wanted to get a scoop of feed herself...

And feed it to them herself...

She laughed so hard when the chicks came up to her hand. It was really cute. I just couldn't believe she was so comfortable with them!!! Aunt Di called her the "Chick Whisperer". Ha!

I really think Addie is going to be spending a lot of time at Uncle Adam and Aunt Diana's farm. She isn't afraid to get dirty, or hold animals, or get busy in the kitchen...

Tell me Addie doesn't look like a mini Aunt Di in this picture?

We really had such a fun morning and I can't wait to go back and play again soon. I have a feeling we will be spending a LOT of time there this summer :-)

Thanks for the yummy lunch and chick time Auntie Di! We had tons of fun!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Nolan!!!

I was going to wait do Nolan's birthday post after his fabulous Toy Story party on Saturday, but I couldn't wait. Today is my God Baby's birthday and I wanted to reminisce :-)

I can still remember the day Nolan was born. We had just celebrated Addie's first birthday and we were all counting the days until his big arrival. Dana always thought it would be so special if he was born on the 24th because Nia was born on the 24th of August. And sure Nolan arrived right on schedule.

He had the thickest head of dark hair and the first thing I said when I saw him was, "Oh my gosh...he looks just like his mama!" He was (and still is) such a handsome little man.

I was so honored the day Dana and Kevin asked me to be his Godmother. I thought for a long time about the perfect gift and then it came to me. I would give him a baby boy cousin to pal around with!!! I was already preggers with his best buddy in this picture :-)

To say that Nolan is the happiest, funniest, silliest, most energetic kid you have ever met is an understatment. He has one of the sweetest smiles in the world...

He LOVES to play and giggle and I just can't get enough of him sometimes...

His first birthday came so fast. I feel like this picture was taken yesterday...

But now a whole year has gone by! I laughed going through my albums tonight because I have so few pictures of Nolan over the last year. I think it's because this little peanut never slows down. He is still just as smiley, happy and energetic as the day he was born, but now he is faster and harder to catch. Ha!

Today, when Addie and I were singing Happy Birthday to him on the phone, I could hear him giggle. He knew it was his birthday and he knew we were singing to him. He got on the phone to say bye when we were done and in that split second, I almost got a tear in my eye because I have NO IDEA where my little Nolan went!! He is such a big boy now!! I can hardly believe he is two. I am so excited to celebrate with him this weekend and watch him blow out his candles :)

Happy Birthday my little Noley :-) Your smile could brighten even the darkest day, and I am SO LUCKY to have nephew as sweet and lovable as you. I hope you have a very happy birthday! See you Saturday!!!

Baby Pressure

I've been feeling some baby pressure lately. Not necessarily the pressure to have another baby, but rather the pressure to say I am "officially" done having babies. Most of this pressure is coming from my darling husband, who informed me the other day that he got the name of a great doctor that has "snipped" a few of his friends and work buddies. Eric has been making a lot of jokes lately about getting snipped, especially when we have a bad day with the kids. He will just look over at me and make a scissor gesture with his hands. I never took him seriously, because it seems so soon to make such a big decision. I know it isn't a final decision, because these things can be reversed. But it isn't as easy as flipping a switch.

There is a part of me that wants to say, "Go ahead babe. Make the appointment." After all, it would be kind of nice to not be responsible for birth control anymore. And I have said many times that I feel complete with our family. I feel blessed BEYOND BELIEF to have two beautiful, healthy children. We have our boy, we have our girl and we have our chubby little three-legged doggie. We have everything we ever wanted. So why mess with a good thing?

But you soon as I say it out loud (or write it all down) I have visions of this...

And this...

And this...

And I think "WAIT!!!!!!!!!!! DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!" I'm not ready.

But will I ever be ready? some point when my kids are grown and Eric and I are getting some of our freedom and Independence back I'll realize there is no turning back. But we are so young and the opportunity is still there so it's hard to bite the bullet and say okay...that's it. No more pregnancies. No more babies. It's just the 4 of us.

I am in the middle of planning my SIL's baby shower and I look at all these teeny tiny onesies and my uterus aches. But then I show them to Eric with my big Bambi eyes and say, "Doesn't this give you baby fever?" and he says, "Nope. I have sleeping-through-the-night-again fever and no-more-changing-diapers fever." He's just not where I am. He is not second guessing anything. He is complete. He has no doubts. He is happy and ready to move on. But I'm just...scared. Scared to say it. Scared to make a big decision. And the answer should be simple...let's just wait on the snip. But Eric is serious and wants the security. So how do we compromise?

Is anyone else out there where I am? Feeling blessed and complete with your family, but not sure you want to call it quits yet? I just don't know how I can feel TOTALLY done some days, and completely confused the next. Will it ever go away? Or is it like college. You miss it all the time and wish you could go back for a day, but you never will because the past is the past? I know there is no right answer here...but the pressure is a lot to take and I am just searching for peace in my decision one way or the other. If that is even possible. I guess I am lucky in the sense that I have lots of new babies arriving soon that I can cuddle and spoil when I need a fix. Look out baby Mueller, you are going to see a LOT of your Aunt Jen :-)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Digital Scrapbooking: What You Need to Get Started

Ever since I started blogging about my adventures in digital scrapbooking, I have had several friends and family members ask me how to get started. Since then, I have been putting together a little list of sites, software and tutorials that really helped me out in the process so I thought I would share with everyone :-)

For me, getting started with digital scrapbooking wasn't easy. I spent HOURS Googling, playing with different sites, reading blogs and tutorials, etc. I understood the basics of photo editing, but I had no idea how people were turning these pictures into digital scrapbooks. So I first went in search of software. It is incredible how many photo editing and digital scrapbooking programs are on the market. I had no idea where to begin, but I always liked the word FREE. So let's start with some of the free software I have found to be incredibly useful.

The first site I ever tried was It was free and SUPER easy to use. But, Scrapblog has now merged with a website called MixBook. I haven't used MixBook a ton yet, but from what I can tell, it is an easy to use site for scrapbooking. The only problem I see with this site is that all scrapbook pages, invitations or other projects you create with them must be printed by their website. You do not have the ability to save your pages or projects to your computer, and therefore you do not have a back-up file or way of printing at home or with a different company. Because I have fallen in love with anther printer (which I will talk about below) I haven't chosen to work with MixBook yet. BUT...that is not to say that they don't have great options. Setting up an account is free and all the scrapbook pages and embellishments they offer are free as well! You only pay to have things printed. This is an incredibly nice feature for beginners because it gives you the opportunity to play around with lots of tools and tricks, without having to purchase anything. If you like the word FREE and don't want to invest any money until you are sure you want to go the digital route, I recommend giving MixBook a try.

Now, in addition to MixBook, I have found Google's Picasa to be a great FREE option for digital scrapbooking. You don't have the ability to use embellishments the way you can with other scrapbooking or editing software, but you can use digital scrapbook paper as backgrounds and get creative with fonts and webdings. There is no way I could ever write a tutorial more effective than the ones Sarah has done over at Clover Lane, so I will link to all the posts that will help you not only make scrapbook pages, but also photo cards and blog headers :-)

She has several more posts on Picasa if you search her blog and I know that Persnickety Prints has a page on Picasa with video tutorials and step-by-step picture instructions. Sarah is the one who inspired me to start all this so must check our her blog and see all the adorable pages she has made :-)

Now, like I said above, Picasa doesn't give you the ability to use embellishments like you can with other editing and scrapbooking software. By embellishments I mean fancy borders, stickers, overlays, frames, etc. The problem is, most of the digital scrapbooking embellishments you find online are set up as .png files. These files have a transparent background which gives you the ability to layer them with photos and other paper. Picasa only supports .jpeg files and unfortunately, all .jpeg files have a solid color background (usually white). Now, if you are using a plain white page for your scrapbook, invitation or blogheaders, you could use a .jpeg file embellishment and it would work. You just won't have the ability to layer it or use any other background color.

Have I confused you yet? Just remember that to use a .png file, you have to use something other than Picasa to edit your page. MixBook does allow you to upload your own .png files which is AWESOME, but have to print all your work from them. You can't save to your computer or print somewhere else. Just something to keep in mind.

Now, if you want the ability to use all types of digital scrapbooking files, you will need to work with software that has that option. In my experience, it seems that the most widely used software on the market is Adobe Photoshop. It's seems all designers who scrapbook professionally or for hire use Photoshop, but the problem for me was price and ease of use. I know I would find Photoshop to be easy once I had hours to spend playing with it. I did download a free trial and was able to learn a few things after about 4 hours of watching YouTube videos. It was just too much for me to understand. But if you are a quick learner and want the ability to do anything and everything with your photos, invest in Photoshop.

I realized a few weeks ago that I needed something more than Picasa. I am SO SAD Scrapblog is gone because the ability to save all your projects to your computer is a huge asset. Obviously, you can see where these sites were losing money though so I suppose it was only a matter of time. So, my mom and I went on a search for some affordable digital scrapbooking software that would:

1. Support all file types
2. Allow you to import papers and embellishments from other sites
3. Allow you to save to your computer and/or print anywhere you want
4. Offer updates and free material
5. Be EASY to use

Meeting all these criteria wasn't easy, but we did come across My Memories Suite software. It has fantastic reviews and the price tag is MUCH more affordable than Photoshop. Sadly, I was not able to find a free trial, but I did walk through their demonstrations and tutorials and it looked very easy to use. I was also able to find a 15% off coupon (MMS15off) so it brought the total of the software down to around $33. It comes with a TON of papers and embellishments and they offer new ones for free all the time. I have only used this software for a short time, but so far I LOVE it! Well worth the money so far.


In have to answer two questions when getting started with digital scrapbooking:

1. How much are you willing to invest?

2. How creative do you want to get?

As you can see, there really are a lot of great free options. Even though Picasa doesn't allow for embellishments, Persnikety Prints (the printer I am in love with) now offers a lot of FREE Picasa ready pages that have embellishments and borders already set up for you. All you have to do is upload the paper into Picasa and add your photos and text. I used one of their Picasa Ready pages for Blake's one year pictures and look how cute?!

If you like simple, cute and clean, I honestly don't think you need anything more than Picasa. But if you do want to get more creative with your scrapbooks, photocards, invitations, etc., investing in software is a good idea because it gives you SO many more options. Here is a page I did with scrapbooking software...

All of those pumpkins, leaves and the big tree are embellishments I added to the green background. I layered them so that they would blend into the picture. You simply couldn't layer like this in Picasa.

The key to really deciding what software you want to go with for digital scrapbooking is taking the time to give all these sites a test run. Do some playing around, read some tutorials, and get your hands some FREE digital scrapbooking paper and embellishments. I find a lot of great stuff at Persnickety Prints and Shabby Princess. If you Google "free digital scrapbook kits" you will find a lot of other random sites that offer free digi goodies. It's all worth collecting, especially if you get the option to save it to your computer or store it in Picasa.

Well I know this was a LOT to take in at first, but I hope this will help everyone get started. I would love to be able to put together some of my own Picasa Ready pages by using my scrapbook software and once I figure out how to do that, maybe I can share some freebies with you as well! If anyone would like me to answer any other questions on digital scrapbooking, I am happy to help. I am no pro, but I have quite a few online resources now so just leave a comment and hopefully I can direct you the right way.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Poor Howie

Yesterday was a looooooooong day. We started off the morning with ballet, which went fairly well, but still not a stress-free activity. And then when I got home, I had a message from Howie's groomer that I should call his vet.

You see, Howie has been limping since Sunday. I thought he just pulled a muscle jumping off our bed or something because other than the limp, he didn't seem to be in much pain. He wasn't crying or messing with his leg. It didn't hurt to the touch and he wasn't bothered by us moving it around. I was willing to wait another day or two before calling the vet, but when the groomer said he wasn't putting any weight on it at all, I thought I better take him in to be sure.

Well, it turns out my little bugger has a torn Cruciate Ligament :-( As soon as the vet mentioned it as one of the options I knew. That's just my luck. And Howie's luck. And the worst part is that in order to fix it, this little man will have to have surgery!

It's either surgery or a full body brace for the rest of his life. Well, even though the brace is WAAAAAYYYYY cheaper than the surgery, it's no quality life. So surgery it is. This will now blow the budget I have been working so hard on lately, but it has to be done.

When something like this happens, it's easy to be down in the dumps. Why Howie? Why me? If only he hadn't jumped off the bed. If only I would helped him down like I do most mornings. Woulda, coulda shoulda.

But then I try really, really hard to imagine how this could have been worse. What if surgery wasn't an option and we were forced to put him to sleep? What if this injury would have happened to one of the kids? What if...what if...what if. In the grand scheme of things, this is a small problem. We can fix Howie. He will be okay. I just feel bad for the little guy. Surgery won't be fun for him (or me) but we will survive.

You was a darn good thing I had a ladies night out scheduled for last night because I NEEDED it! I saw some great friends, had one (or three) delicious martinis and the best part....MY KIDS SLEPT THE NIGHT! I feel better this morning and am ready to start getting things in order for my little buddy. If you can, please keep Howie in your thoughts and prayers over the next few weeks. I will keep you all updated :-)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Uncle Ado!

Hey Uncle Ado...two of your little buddies want to wish you a Happy Birthday today! This one right here has been wanting to call you ALL MORNING!!

She doesn't understand the phrase "sleeping in". Ha! And you know what, neither does your other little buddy...

He just wants to come over to your house and play with the toy you gave him...

And of course, Addie would come with her toy too :-)

We know you are busy building your chicken coop today and the kids can't wait to come over and see you when all the chics arrive!! We hope you have a very Happy Birthday Uncle Ado! We miss you and love you! Enjoy your day!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Addie & Connor: Celebrating 3 Years of Love and Counting

The minute Addie laid eyes on her boyfriend Connor at just 3 months was love. I'm talking SERIOUS love. And the feeling was mutual. Connor couldn't get enough his chubby, bald, sweetheart...

I'm still not sure that we all approve of them taking a bath together so quickly...

But hey...when it's's love. You do what feels right.

Plus...these two had to take advantage of their time together because they were just learning how to be in a long distance relationship. It was hard that first year. They didn't get to see each other much but when they did, they were like two peas in a pod.

They always preferred making the most of their time by staying in and cooking together.

And rather than go on some big extravagant date, they opted for a quiet wagon ride through town.

No matter what it took, these two always made sure to see each other around the holidays.

By their second birthdays, these two were acting like an old married couple. They brushed their teeth together...

Had some quality time by the fireplace before bed...

And when Connor would try to make a move, Addie would just roll her eyes and tell him she was "tired". See...just like an old married couple.

But that doesn't mean these two didn't love each other. Addie just wanted to take it slow and hold hands...

And maybe even share a meal or two...

But in the end, snuggling was what they did best.

Are they not the cutest couple ever? How can you deny love like that.

Nowadays, you can't get Addie to keep her hands of her man...

But I don't think Connor minds much...

These two just know how to have fun and that's why they work.

I am happy to say that at 3 years old, these two are just as in love as ever. They didn't want to let their birthdays go by without having a special date, so we met at the Children's Museum this morning. See what I mean? Inseparable... least for the first five minutes. This museum had TONS of fun stuff for the kids to do. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that the two of them found the pizza making station right away.

I know that pizza was only made of fabric, felt and yarn...but doesn't it look delicious?

There was even an oven to "cook" them in. Addie couldn't figure out the button so her man helped. She loves him in his oven mitts :-)

After the kids were done making pizzas, it was time to play doctor.

I have to admit, I was a little disturbed by this...

A shot in the eye? Connor didn't think it was weird because he asked her to give his patient a shot in the eye too. Kids :-)

This museum had the cutest dentist chair and when I told Addie to hop up, Dr. Connor came right over and asked her to say, "Ahhh". So cute.

I swear Addie is going to turn out to be a doctor or nurse the way she plays and pretends with this stuff all the time. But while she is working as a doctor, Connor is going to be running his own bakery. This boy LOVES to bake.

Although, maybe Addie could help run his bake shop because in addition to needles and stethoscopes, the girl loves her some money.

And shopping.

But mostly taking people's money.

But that's okay because Connor accepts her for who she is. And in return, Addie humors him in everything he does. Like when he begged to ride in the tractor today, she dropped everything and hopped up with him.

Watching these two play together at this age is amazing, especially since their first date consisted of just rolling around under a play gym.

And now they are running, jumping and drawing us pictures :-)

I am so happy Tara and I were able to get the kids together today because they had a VERY romantic lunch. They fed each other food...

Made each other laugh...

And reminded each other why they make this long distance relationship work. For true love.

Obviously, these two love birds need to thank two very special ladies for making this relationship happen...

Without us...they would be probably be dating some losers. Ha! They are so lucky to have us!!

To Addie and Connor...Happy 3 Years of Love and Friendship. Here's to a hundred more :-)