Saturday, April 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Aunt Dana!

Turning the big 3-1 isn't quite as exciting as turning the big 2-1...but we tried to make Dana's birthday as fun as possible. So we started the day by doing what we love...

We ran another 5K :-)

The race was great. We had beautiful weather and Dana ran her best time ever. Oh, and they had frozen yogurt waiting at the finish line. SCORE!

Later that day, we headed over to Mima and Papa Steve's house for some dinner and birthday cake. We started by letting Aunt Dana open her presies. The kids were very helpful as usual :)

Nolan wasn't interested in opening gifts, so he just went around and pretend watered Mima's plants.

And then it was time for cake! You know these kids and birthday cake. Nia could hardly wait for a slice :-)

After a delicious dinner and LOTS of cake...we went outside to let the kids burn some energy. We really wanted to get a few pictures, but we should have known how that would go. This was actually a pretty cute one...

But then Nolan was OVER it...

So we tried again with Mima...

And Papa Steve...

I think the girls would have taken pictures all night if we would have let them :-) We had the nicest time FINALLY getting to play outside. The weather around here has been so awful, I think Aunt Dana appreciated some sunshine :-)

We hope you had a GREAT birthday Aunt Dana!! We love you bunches!!!

Friday, April 29, 2011

In Honor of the Royal Wedding

Do you know what today is? Well if you don' obviously haven't watched TV or read a magazine in 5 months because it's the ROYAL WEDDING!!! I'm not going to lie...I have ABC and E! on my DVR recording every exciting moment. I just can't wait to see the bride's dress and Prince William's handsome face.

You know...watching all this coverage of the Royal Wedding kind of makes me think of my own wedding. It was by no means "Royal", but it was definitely a fairytale :-) My day was everything I dreamed it would be and more. Every detail was perfect.

From my flowers...

To the location...

To my beautiful cake...

I couldn't have asked for more. Even the 90 degree, humid weather couldn't dampen my spirits. It was the one time in my life that I could put on a beautiful dress and be a princess...

My mom was my rock through the whole wedding planning process...

And all my girlfriends were there to make me smile whenever I got a little too stressed. Ha!

I can still remember how I felt as my Dad walked me down the isle...

And how I felt when Pastor Chuck talked about love and friendship...

I also remember our Hollywood kiss as we walked away as husband and wife...

The day was magical. I often does your best friend become your SISTER?!

Eric and I are both blessed with so much love and support from our family and friends. Cheers to that!

For me...the BEST part of the WHOLE day was getting to let loose and have some fun. In case you didn't know, I love to dance. Here I am with my Pops...

And dancing with my hubby to our song, "Get to Me" by Train...

Looking back at the pictures, it seems that I did NOTHING but dance the whole night. I didn't mingle, sip cocktails or lounge on the patio. I was busting a move with anyone and everyone that would get out on the floor with me.



And more dancing...

I went into that wedding with 2 parents, and came out with 4 :-)

Ahh...I just love looking back on our wedding day. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to reminisce a bit so thanks for going along for the ride :-)

I can only imagine what Kate is feeling right now. Like any bride, she is probably nervous, excited, drunk, ready to puke, or all of the above. I mean, I only had to walk down the isle and say my vows in front of about 300 people. She has to do it in front of 3 BILLION! And I will proudly be one of them.

Now if you will all excuse me, I have to get back to the coverage.

Happy Royal Wedding Day friends!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

It Makes You Wonder...

There's been a lot of talk about the End of the World lately. We have the Mayans claiming the end is coming in 2012, while Herald Camping and the followers of Family Christian Radio claim that the end is coming in less than a month (May 21st to be exact). You may have seen the billboards.

I am sure many of you are rolling your eyes as you read this. And it's easy to mock those who believe they know when the world is going to end. We can make jokes about psychics, try to disprove the Mayans, and even snicker at the countdown clock on Family Christian Radio's website. But do any of us really know? How can we deny that this might actually come to pass? Whether or not you believe in's hard to look at all the destruction and devastation taking place around the world right now and not wonder if our clock is running out.

When you look at aftermath pictures from Japan's earthquakes, or even pictures of the tornadoes that ripped through the South yesterday...

It's easy to see how powerless we all are in this world. And aside from all the natural disasters lately, what about all the other random events taking place? Birds falling from the sky, herds of cows dying with no explanation, millions of fish floating up dead on the coast. Is this all just coincidence, or is it a sign? I try not too think too hard about this because it is way too depressing. But I just have to anyone else questioning their beliefs? I was always taught that only God the Father knows when the end is coming and we should take peace in that. I personally think ignorance is bliss but it's hard to live in ignorance when there are so many neon signs flashing around the world.

I know this is WAAAAYYYY to deep of a post for a Thursday, so how about I lighten it up a bit. If the end really is coming, how do you want to spend the time you have left? I know that spending time with friends and family is a given, but if there is one other thing you would like to do...what would it be? Personally...I would switch my super cheap plane tickets and head to Florida tomorrow because come hell or high family is GOING TO DISNEY this year!! Just sayin...

But all kidding aside, I hope we can take a moment of silence for all the people affected by the devastation last night. Many people are deeply hurting today and we should say a prayer for them and thank God for all the blessings we have.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Summer Must-Haves: Just In Time for Mothers Day

All this gloomy weather has me longing for summer, and with Mother's Day right around the corner, I've been dreaming up some gift ideas for the hubs. I have lots of extravagant things in mind (ones I won't even mention on here because Mr. Go-Big-Or-Go-Home will buy them and I don't need them).

Now, nothing on this list is a "need" either, but they are much more practical. So here is my first summer must-have:

Cute Dresses

I absolutely LOATHE shorts. I have never found a pair I feel comfortable in, but I can't wear jean capris in 90 degree weather. So dresses have become my solution. I found this adorable shift dress at Lands End Canvas and I LOVE it. I think I need it in every color :-)

A New "Mommy" Swimsuit

My bikini days are gone my friends. G.O.N.E. No matter how much I ran and worked out last year, I still couldn't say goodbye to that little post-baby tummy chub so unless that magically disappears in the near future, it's Tankinis for this mama! I found this adorable set at Jcrew and now that it is in their sale section with an additional 30% off...I may just have to buy myself a mother's day gift. After all, having a swimsuit you feel comfortable in is a NEED for summer :-)

New Skincare Products

I am just a total sucker for new products. Shampoos, lotions, creams, you name it. But one thing I have been searching long and hard for is an oil-free sunscreen that lets you get a little tan. I found this Oil-Free Lotion Spray by Clarins and I may just have to give it a try! It has great reviews. Does anyone currently use a suncreen that they love? Anyone have a sunless tanner they can't live without? I can add them to my ongoing product list. Ha! And speaking of products...

New Make-Up

What is it about new make-up that just makes you feel pretty again? Even if it is just one new item in your routine, it always makes me feel fresh. I have been eyeing up this Dandelion Brightening Face Powder by Benefit for some time and I think I may have to give the hubs a little nudge on this one :-) Do you ladies have any other make-up must haves I should add to the list?

A Book Reader

It seems just about everyone I know has some sort of book reader, but if you don't...ladies...ASK FOR ONE! It may be one of the best Mother's Day gifts ever. I love, love, LOVE my Nook (even though I wish I would have waited to get the Nook Color) and I know my SILs, Mom and hubby love their iPads so that is a great option too. You won't regret getting one...they are the best, especially for summer reading.

I could really go on and on with great summer and Mother's Day gift ideas, but I will save some for another list. In fact, I have an entire post coming up that is dedicated to great, reuseable green mommy finds. And speaking of reusables...look who made the Newsletter this month!!!!!

We're famous :-)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Just Plain Pooped

I don't know if it's because of all the festivities lately, the gloomy weather, or the fact that Addie has been waking up EVERY night...but I am just plain pooped!! I haven't had the motivation to even post on my blog, which is something I really love to do. I just can't seem to get my wind back. And neither can the kids. They aren't typically good "car sleepers" but on the way home from lunch with Nana and Papa (It's their Anniversary!!!!), they both passed right out.

Blake even fell asleep mid-pretzel stick :-)

I think what we all need is a little sunshine...and a few good nights of sleep :-) I am really looking forward to the month of May because with it comes warmth and sunshine, the end of the school year and hopefully the end of cold season. Woohoo!!!!

Anyone else looking forward to May? Is there anything you are looking forward to? Do you have any new goals you are setting? I should get started on my list now :-)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Very Hoppy Easter

It is a very, very good thing that I managed to go for a long run today, especially when I think about all the food and CANDY we have eaten this weekend!!! And I knew that we would be up to our eyeballs in chocolate bunnies, M&Ms, and jelly beans, so I asked the Easter Bunny to keep the candy at our house to a minimum and bring a new tooth brush instead :-) Of course, he also spoiled the kids BIG TIME with other goodies...

Addie shot out of bed like a speeding bullet when she realized it was Easter morning!!

Which is why she is sporting some SERIOUS bedhead in these pictures. Ha!

It is really funny that of all the toys that Addie specifically asked for this year (like the book Pinkalicious), the one thing that she spent the most time playing with this morning was her "Hoopa Hoop" (which was a total impulse buy...the Easter Bunny claims).

I gotta say...the girl is pretty good!!

While Addie was doing the Hula, Blake was busy tearing into his basket. I thought he was going to be really excited about his microphone (since he is always stealing Addie's), but he ended up being most excited about the ONE candy item in his basket. Go figure :-)

Eventually, both kids managed to play with their other toys. Addie played us a song on her recorder...

While Blake opened up his Gator Golf game.

Here he is showing Addie how to play...

I honestly can't believe how fast this year has gone. Last Easter, Blake was just this little peanut that did nothing but roll around on the floor and coo all day. And now he is this big boy that can play, search for Easter eggs and climb tables all by himself :-)

And Addie is literally growing before my eyes too. She just looks so big here!!

After the kids managed to get every single toy opened this morning, Nana and Papa Mueller arrived with two more baskets!!!! Their baskets were filled with lots of cute stuff, but the kids went right for the chocolate. See...grandparents always bring the good stuff :-)

My mom also made them these precious new bath towels. Aren't they adorable?!

One of the things I love about having family over for breakfast is that Eric is always the one to cook. Ha! But he really makes a killer breakfast :-)

So while Daddy was busy at the stove, I got to take some pictures of Papa playing "This Little Piggie" with Blake.

Papa had him laughing so hard...I wish I would have had the video camera too.

Blake was just a ball of energy this morning. I am sure it had NOTHING to do with all those jelly beans :-) One of the things he loves to do lately is play with people's shoes. Here he is walking around with Papa's.

Look at the size of those things! You could almost fit Addie in one :-)

We were blessed with a gorgeous day today, so after our yummy breakfast, we headed out for some fresh air. Nana took the kids for a walk...

While Daddy and Papa went to pick up our new SWINGSET!!! It isn't put together yet, and from the looks of it, it is going to take some serious patience...and a case of beer :-)

Luckily, Daddy has his little buddy to help.

After all that fresh air, the kids took a 3 HOUR NAP!! Happy Easter to us :-)

After naps, it was time to head to Mima and Papa Steve's house. Addie put on her little bunny top that great grandma bought her (yes...Hot Coco Blakey came too).

And wouldn't you know...the Easter Bunny came to Mima and Papa's house too!!! The girls both got Tangled which made them VERY excited :-)

Nia also liked her light-up wand...

But not as much as Nolan loved his Jelly Beans :-)

Blake ate his body weight in jelly beans too, which is why he is chilling like a slug in this picture. He was sugar drunk.

I'll tell ya...I have no idea how these kids can have so much energy!!! I was tired just watching them all day :-)

It really was a fantastic Easter for all of us though and I am so blessed to have such an amazing family to celebrate it with. Thanks for all the love (and sugar) today Nana, Papa, Mima and Papa Steve!!! We love you!

I hope you all had a blessed Easter!!