Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Camp Success

A while ago, I posted about how I was enrolling Addie in a Preschool-Like summer camp to help with her separation anxiety. I just wanted her to have some "practice" before real preschool starts this fall.

This week was the first week of summer camp and I am happy to report that this little chic...

Did FANTASTIC!!! I mean really...does she even look like a girl who is scared to leave her mommy?

The class is two days a week and runs for 2 hours...pretty much the same as preschool. They do arts and crafts, story time, playground time, etc. and she LOVES it!! Words can't express how relieved I am to see her excitement when I pick her up from class. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I can only hope she loves her preschool as much as this class :-)

Now, while Addie is in class, Blakey boy and I get to spend some much-needed quality time together. Him and I rarely get to do anything just the two of us so it's nice to have this time with him. This week we went to the park, took a nice long walk, went grocery shopping and stopped for an ice-cream cone. You see...I really needed to keep him awake while we went to pick Addie up and I thought eating a snack would do the trick.

Not so much.

Hey...when you're're tired :-) I am just glad we got our mommy/son time this week.

It's hard to believe tomorrow is already Friday. We have SO MANY fun things planned this holiday weekend and it all starts with a birthday party at the children's museum tomorrow :-) It's suppose to about 150 degrees out so I'm glad we have some indoor fun to look forward too!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Addie & Blake Meet Baby Owen

Today was a very exciting day for our family. A day when you want to have your camera on hand to capture every precious moment.

But of course I forgot mine.

So, here are some of the best pictures and one sweet little video I was able to capture during our visit.

Here is Addie holding Owen for the first time. SO SWEET!

This little chic hogged Owen the entire time we were there. Every time I would pick him up she would say, "Momma it's MY turn!!" Good thing she didn't have to fight with Blake too. He was pretty content just pointing at him :-)

Isn't he PRECIOUS?!!! I see both Meagan and Ryan in him.

I really wanted to get some video of Addie holding Owen and even though our conversation is kind of random in this clip (she was talking about her visit to Barnes and Noble earlier today), you have to watch her little hands. Every time we let her hold Owen, she would rub his head and play with his fingers. It was so freaking cute. She has turned into such a big girl :-)

After the kids big introduction, we decided to take Owen for a walk and let Addie and Blake cool off at the water pad. Last year, Blake chilled in his stroller at the water pad but this year...he was FEARLESS! He was running around like a little crazy man...

He must have fallen down 20 times but that didn't stop him. He just kept going from sprinkler to sprinkler making sure he didn't miss one.

Honestly, I don't know what mom's did in the summer before water pads!!

It was SO NICE getting to see Meagan and baby Owen today and I am even more excited that we get to see them (and Uncle Ryan) this weekend! Maybe I can actually remember my camera this time :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Upgrades Baby

Hi friends! I want to start by apologizing for all the mess around here the last few days. Between switching to my new domain name to changing my layout, it has been a disaster. And I don't do messy. I hate it. Drives me crazy. But in the end...I am SO HAPPY with my newer, cleaner, more ORGANIZED blog layout. However, a few people have told me that they are having trouble with my page loading properly. I am not having any trouble with any of my Apples (iPhone, iPad or MacBook) but some PC users are having issues.

If you are having issues with my blog loading properly, please comment and let me know so I can look into it. I am by no means a professional techie so I am sure there are some bugs for me to work out :-) Thanks in advance for letting me know!

As you might have noticed, none of my tabs are up and running yet. They all say "Under Construction" because I am not done with them yet. But soon my friends...very soon. I am having so much fun creating them. I wish I would have discovered static pages sooner!

And finally, I ask all of you to switch your google readers/blog lists/bookmarks, etc. to my new domain address. It should transfer everyone automatically from my old URL, but just in case, the new URL for this blog is

Upgrades baby...they are a pain in the bootie :-)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Car Trumps a Ring the Same Way a Slide Trumps a Train

Just last week, I told Eric that we don't do enough "fun stuff" on weekends. We often spend a lot of time catching up on chores and relaxing which is nice...and necessary...but that gets old! So today we decided to make the most of our Sunday!

We started our morning bright and early and headed off to Home Depot. I can't avoid all household obligations...but at least you can have fun while doing them :-)

After Home Depot, we met Nana, Papa, Uncle Adam and Aunt Diana for a belated Father's Day breakfast for my Dad (they were spending time with baby Owen last weekend). My Dad loves going out to breakfast so we thought it was the perfect way to celebrate.

I have been thinking about my Dad's Father's Day gift for weeks now. Usually, my brothers and sister-in-laws and I go in on my Dad's gift together each year because either Ryan or Adam will have come up with some kind of tool he has been longing for. But this year, we all decided to go our separate ways with gifts. So of course I consulted my mom because my Dad is impossible to shop for. He never wants or needs anything (except for socks and underwear which I buy him for some holiday EVERY year. BORING!) Anyway, my mom had the perfect idea. My Dad has been eyeing up this gear ring by Kinekt Designs for some time now...

He won't ever buy anything like this for himself, so I knew it was the PERFECT gift (thanks mama!) So I printed off a picture of the ring and put it in my Dad's card. I felt kind of bad for Adam and Di at first because surely their gift wasn't as cool.

Oh how I was wrong.

You see...this is what Adam and Di gave my Dad for Father's Day...

A CAR!!!!!! They gave him a freaking CAR!!!! His very own Alfa Romeo to restore. My Dad use to restore cars all the time but the demands of work and family have kept him from his hobby for a looooong time. Well...not any longer :-)

Here is Papa with two of his littlest helpers :-)

In the end, my Dad is hoping to restore this car to look something like this...
Isn't she a bute? So why this car you ask? Aunt Judy owns an AWESOME little MGB sportscar that my Dad gets to borrow every year when he does all the maintenance for her. My Aunt has had this car since the 80's so we have all grown up with it. Her car is the little black one on the left...

My Dad has always been in love with this car and I know he has begged my Aunt a thousand times to sell it to him. But she won't budge. She loves her baby. And speaking of cute are these two?

My Dad has been on cloud nine all day and even though I know he is super excited about his gear ring there is no denying it...

A car trumps a ring :-)

Well after a fun and exciting morning, the kiddies were long overdue for a nap.

But when they woke up, we all headed out to the Taste! We ate a TON of yummy food and then the kids wanted to go on some rides. I thought Addie and Blake would really love this train...

And they did...

But this ride was just way cooler...

Little Blakey Boy couldn't ride this one, so he hung out with Papa while Addie went again...and again...and again...

I honestly thought she would be scared to death of this huge slide, but she LOVED it!! She even asked Eric to build one in our backyard. Nice try honey. But it looks like I was trumped again because the slide was WAY better than the train.

Before we left, the kids begged us for some ice-cream and we totally caved and gave them HUGE cups from the Cold Stone Creamery booth. In case you haven't seen what "ice-cream drunk" looks you go.

Both these rascals are asleep now and I PRAY they both stay that way all night because this mama is POOPED!!! But it was such a fun day and totally worth the exhaustion :-)

Now if you'll excuse me...I have some True Blood to watch.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Please Go the F*** to Sleep

Before I became a parent, all I ever heard about were baby sleeping woes. I was fully prepared for my newborn not to sleep the night right away so when we brought Addie home and she was up 3-4 times a night...I didn't think anything of it. It was hard...but I just kept telling myself that as soon as we got out of this baby stage, I would never have to worry about her waking up at night again (except for the occasional illness, bad dream or thunderstorm). So when she finally started sleeping the night at 9 months...I thought we were home free!

Sadly, I couldn't have been more wrong. Sure, we had a blissful year of her sleeping the night consistently which was fantastic since we had another newborn baby to wake up with. But as soon as Blake started sleeping the night, Addie decided that she was going to throw a wrench in our peaceful night routine. First it started with her needing to go to the bathroom. Once she was potty trained, I knew this might be a common occurrence. I was ready for it.

But then she learned the rest of the excuses on the toddler bedtime list. You parents know what I'm talking about:

"I'm not tired"
"I have to go to the bathroom"
"There's a monster in my closet"
"I'm hungry"
"I have a boo-boo"
"My leg hurts"

and so on.....and so on....and so on. I'm fully convinced that Addie might be the master of bedtime bullshittery.

I've spent many hours talking about this issue with my other mommy friends who have kids Addie's age and I find it fascinating that ALL of them have the SAME excuses every night! You can't help but laugh when a friend says, "Megan was up all night last night telling me her leg hurt and then an hour later, it was her elbow" because sadly, you were going through the same thing with your kid the night before! We should all just be calling each other at 2:00 a.m. to share our funny stories.

In fact, if someone would have called my house last night, I could have told them about Addie's 3 excuses. First she was hungry, then she was cold (with 26 different blankets on her bed to chose from) and then she was "lonely" and wanted me to lay with her. How in the hell can a child be "lonely" with 4 dolls, a stuffed dog, a real dog (Howie), and a Nemo bath toy all cuddled around her?


Anyway, when I was talking about this subject with my BF Tara recently, she told me about this book a friend of hers sent. It's called...

Obviously, this book is COMPLETELY inappropriate for kids, but it is so hilarious I actually got tears in my eyes reading it. It is just SO TRUE!!! Our favorite line in the book is,

"I know you're not thirsty. That's bullshit. Stop lying."

So funny. And inappropriate. I highly recommend buying the book because the illustrations are hilarious too, but my mom found a free audiobook copy online read by Samuel L Jackson! Just go to and search the book title. Warning: if you don't like saying or hearing the f-word, don't listen. If you are easily offended, don't listen. If you have no sense of humor, don't listen. If you don't have kids this may not get all of it...but Samuel L Jackson reading a grocery list would be funny so maybe listen to it anyway :-)

So is anyone else experiencing this with their toddlers/preschoolers? Anyone else have a totally hilarious excuse their child has given them recently? It's so fun to share :-)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The "Everything's $5 Blog Sale" and Adorable Baby Girl Crib Bedding

Hello deal seeking friends!! In case you haven't had a chance to visit my most recent Blog Sale, I urge you to head on over today because all remaining items are just $5!!!!!! And we are talking name brand clothing from Ann Taylor LOFT, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, JCrew and more.

And are you ready for the best part...for every 4 items you buy, you get the 5th for free!!! That's 5 new pieces of clothing for just $20 or 10 new pieces for just $40!!! My family/friends and I just want this stuff moving on so we can get our rubbermaid containers back. So head on over friends because this stuff will be gone in no time!!!

Now speaking of sales, I have a little something that didn't make it's way into the Blog Sale this time around, but I still wanted to offer it to anyone who is interested. I have a practically brand new Pottery Barn Kids crib bedding set for sale! It's the Ava collection from 2009 and it was Addie's. The quilt and pillow sham were used for decoration only, the bumper pad was removed and stored away after only 2 months of use and the dust ruffle didn't work with her crib once it was lowered at 6 months old. So really...this crib bedding set is like NEW!!! I even have the originally packaging with price stickers :-)

Here is a look at it in her crib...

And here is a picture from the PBK website so you can get a closer look at the details.

Please note that I do NOT have the matching crib sheet. I used sage green gingham and pink polka dot sheets from Target that matched perfectly. This set is really easy to match with so many fun patterns :-)

So...included in this sale are:

1 Crib/Toddler quilt
1 Bumper Pad
1 Small Pillow sham
1 Pink ric rac Crib Dust Ruffle

I paid $240 for this 4-peice set and I am selling it for $120

If you are interested in this set, please e-mail me at adailydoseofdavis {dot} com and I can estimate shipping for you. All transactions on this blog or for my blog sale are done through Paypal for our safety :-)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Fun and What to do with 160 Pounds of Beef

I apologize, once again, for being a bit of a blogger slacker this week. We've been busy, which seems to be pretty typical these days.

* For one thing, we've actually had two whole sunny days in a row this week so the kids have been living in their kiddie pool. It's been nice because my kids seem to do SO MUCH better when they are outside. They get bored and whiny pretty quickly in the house, even with an awesome playroom, but if you give these kids sunshine, water and brooms...apparently...they are happy little campers.

* We've also been pretty lucky to have lots of fun playdates this week. Mima Patti was off work on Monday and treated all the kids (and adults) to some frozen yogurt at our new TCBY. The kids really enjoyed it...especially my little sweet hound Blake :)

We also had a big playdate at my cousin-in-law Katie's house today. I haven't seen my friend Tricia and her kids in a LONG time so it was good to catch up with everyone. It was kind of windy and gloomy today, but the kids didn't mind as long as they could play in the sand table. Best invention ever.

* As you can see, our days have been pretty packed with activities, which means that I am totally DRAINED by the evening. I can't even bring myself to turn on the computer some nights because I know I will get sucked into the black hole that is Pinterest. Seriously...I can't get enough of surfing the internet and looking through people's boards. I have like a million birthday party ideas now and a bunch of DIY home projects I want to start. Seriously...this website is so fun. But will suck you in and before you know it, you'll have wasted 2 hours of your life :-)

* And speaking of Pinterest, while surfing around I have come across so many cute blog designs that I've decided mine needs a little face lift. Again. I get bored easily. But because I create my own, it is pretty time consuming and I can't make decisions fast enough. But just know that I am looking to do a TOTAL revamp and hopefully it will be worth the time.

* Ah...time. There's never enough is there? And just when you think you have a night with some free time to catch up, something unexpected comes up. You last night when I went to the basement to discover that our freezer door had been left open and ALL of our meat was defrosted!!!!!!! Still cold...but defrosted. All 160 pounds of it. We bought a 1/3 of a cow a few months ago and there was still quite a bit of meat left. And of course, we couldn't let it go to waste so last night, my mom helped me cook 38 pounds of ground beef and we froze it into one pound bags. I also made up some sloppy joe mix and froze it, some stew meat and froze it, and some round steak (which we seasoned and cut into strips for fajitas, tacos, etc.) and froze it. The down side is that we literally have to eat steak for the next 4 nights, but the up side is that I have about 5 months worth of meals stored up and ready to go. I just hope I can stand the sight of beef after all that cooking last night. BLAH!!!

So that's what we've been up to around here! Is everyone else's summer as busy as ours? It's funny because you think once summer comes you will have all this down time, but then it gets here and your plans triple! Oh least we are having fun. Now if all this rain would just go away...we could get back outside :-)

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Pioneer Woman Knows My Name!!

If you live in the blogging world, it's likely that you have come across the Pioneer Woman's blog a time or two. My SIL Diana was the first person to show me her blog and I LOVE IT! Ree is hilarious and I love how she "teaches" me to cook with each recipe.

As it turns out, I am not the only fan of the Pioneer Woman in my circle of friends. My BF Chelsi actually waited in line to meet PW when she was releasing her cookbook...

And wouldn't you know...that sweetie got me my very own SIGNED COPY!!!!

So yeah...the Pioneer Woman knows my name. Just my first name but still...she knows it. I feel special :-)

So anyway, every time I talk to Chelsi about food, she asks me if I have tried any of PW's dessert recipes and this weekend I can FINALLY say I have!!!!

For Father's Day, I wanted to make Eric a special dessert. He LOVES berries (especially blueberries) so I decided to make Patsy's Blackberry Cobbler...

It was DELICIOUS!!!!! Eric and I ate about half the dish ourselves. With vanilla bean icecream of course :-) It was so good in fact, I made it last night when we had my FIL over. I made it with blueberries the second time and it was even better than the blackberries in my opinion. Less tart. And the recipe and ingredients are SO simple!!! In fact, aside from the self-rising flour, you may already have everything in your pantry. So if you are jonesing for a berry must try this recipe.

Thanks again for my special cookbook Chelsi!!! I already have 6 other recipes to try when I feel like being a fatty (they all have at least 2 sticks of butter in them. Ha!).

Now if you will all excuse me, I have some leftover cobbler to finish before the kids wake up :-)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Daddies Before They Were Daddies

On our very first date, Eric told me that he couldn't wait to have a family. I suppose this should have freaked me out a little, considering we hadn't even ordered our food yet, but to my made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Here was a man that knew what he wanted most in life and it just so happened to be the same thing I longed for.

I honestly believe that if you would have asked 2-year-old Eric what he wanted to be when he grew up...he would have said "A Daddy".

He was made for this role. Eric might not be able to be the hands-on Dad that he wants to be, but every morning when he wakes up and busts his butt all day at work, I know these kids are on his mind the whole time. All the sacrifices he makes are for them and I know he learned to be this kind of a father from this guy right here...

My father-in-law Steve has told me many times that being a good Dad takes sacrifice. He sacrificed his time and energy providing for his family and he showed his kids how to be gracious, loyal and hard-working. These are all things I hope Eric and I can pass down to this little cutie right here...

Because some day when Blake becomes a father (God willing), I just know he will be able to look up to Eric the way he looks up to his Dad.

And speaking of amazing Dads to look up too, here is my cute Daddy before he became a Daddy.

When I say that my Dad lives for his kids and grandkids...I mean it with all my heart. He is the most generous person you will ever meet and if any of us needed the shirt off his back...he would give it to us without hesitation. My Dad has always put his family before himself and that is one of the greatest qualities a father could have. We are all SO LUCKY to have him.

And now that this little guy is a father himself...

I am sure he will be looking to my Dad a lot for guidance. Although, I think Ryan is doing a pretty great job figuring things out on his own. Just today, he talked to my mom on the phone about bottle nipple flow and I about died. He has just taken to this new role like he was made for it. I am so proud of him and I just know that this little man is going to know what being a good father is because he has one of the best :-)

So to my sweet baby daddy, my loving Pops, my wonderful father-in-law, my amazing brother and all the other incredible fathers in my life...I wish you a very, VERY


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Instagram & iPhone Love

I know it probably sounds kind of sad to say that my life wouldn't be the same without my iPhone...but it's true. This little piece of technology has become my calendar, my address book, my lifeline to the outside world, my news center, my book reader (when I don't have my nook), my toddler entertainment center and so much more. I use to be so good about carrying my camera everywhere I went but lately I've just been relying on my phone for pics and videos because it is so much more convenient.

So when my BF Mandy started posting all these adorable pictures with this app called Instagram, I had to download it to my phone. And the best's FREE!! And it works like a networking site so that you can follow friends and see all their picture updates. I know it's fun checking my news feed and seeing pics of Mandy and the boys.

And if you are like me and take TONS of random iPhone pics each day, it's nice to have a way to edit them and make them a little more fun. Here are just a few of the cute ones I have snapped the last few days.

Here's Addie and I sitting in her tree house...

And Blakey Boy sitting on his swing...

And pointing to airplanes...

And cuddling with Nana...

And here are my girls in all their ballerina glory...

The other great thing about this app is that you can edit all your pictures, not just the ones you take with Instagram. My brother and sister-in-law just sent me this adorable picture of Owen and I had to upload it to Instagram to play with the filters.

I could honestly play with this app all day. It is been a lot of fun so I just had to share in case you are an iphone photographer like I am :-)

Well I'm sorry my posts have been a little scarce this week! We have just been busy and trying to catch up from last weekend. But then today I realized that THIS weekend is already upon us and we have Father's Day to get ready for!! I think my side of the family is going to postpone our Father's Day festivities in order to let Baby Owen settle in a little more at home. For those of you wondering, Owen is doing fantastic! Healthy as can be! Mommy is doing better...but still dealing with a few minor health issues so if you could, please keep Meagan in your prayers. I can't imagine feeling sick AND trying to take care of a newborn. Good thing Daddy Ryan is such a hands-on kind of guy :-)

Well that's all for today friends! We have a lot of fun things planned this weekend with Eric and his family so I just pray the weather cooperates. Stay tuned...lots of fun Father's Day posts to come!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hot Coco Blakey Goes to the Zoo...and Witnesses a Murder

Today, my Mom and the kids and I made the most of this gorgeous day and met my friend Barb and her daughter Megan at the zoo! I didn't take many pictures because honestly...once you've seen a zoo've seen them all.

BUT...a special little baby made her very first trip to the zoo today!!!

I think it is safe to say that Hot Coco Blakey had a fantastic time playing and looking at all the animals.

But to be honest...I'm a little worried about HCB tonight. You see, before we left the zoo, Megan and Addie wanted to see the butterfly exhibit and since pretend babies can get in free...HCB got to go along. The butterfly exhibit is gorgeous and I was so proud of how careful Addie was being. A butterfly even landed on her shirt and she just stood there until it flew away.

All was right with the world until something terrible happened. A very STUPID butterfly decided to catch some sun in the middle of the walk path. Addie and I were busy looking at another butterfly when she went to take a step closer know what happened.

Peace out butterfly.

This old woman working in the exhibit quickly scooped him up so that no one (including Addie) could really see the damage that her little princess sandal had just inflicted. But the bisnatch reminded us seventeen times how we need to be extra careful where we walk in the exhibit. The first 10 times I just apologized and told her we were trying our hardest to be careful but by the seventeenth time, I got a little heated and said,

"We are VERY SORRY! IT WAS AN ACCIDENT! WE WEREN'T IN HERE TRYING TO KILL BUTTERFLIES!" And if you want my honest opinion...I think it was more of a murder suicide. That butterfly was trapped in this little house with 450 other butterflies day in and day out and I think he was just over it. He was looking for a way out. And he got.

But all joking aside, I was worried about Addie and I hopped she wasn't too upset about the whole thing. When we left, she told me that she was sorry for hurting the butterfly and asked if he would be okay. I lied of course...and told her the butterfly would be fine and she bought it. Thank goodness.

Hot Coco Blakey on the other hand was a little shaken up by the whole thing and when we saw a butterfly on our way to the parking lot...she might have shed a tear. Poor thing. That may have been her last trip to the zoo.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Addie's First Recital

Yesterday was Addie's very first dance recital and I am preeeeeeeetty sure she is the cutest ballerina ever :-)

She was so patient about the whole "recital prep" process and actually liked wearing her rollers! She looked pretty darn cute in them too.

She was so excited about her hair she made me take a picture.

I know Daddy has really been looking forward to this day because he has never been able to see Addie dance in class. He was as excited as she was.

But this poor guy was far from happy. I know this is the most pathetic picture, but we had to take it. He wanted to come with us so badly, but he is just too busy to sit through a recital. Don't worry...Great Grandma gave him a Popsicle a few minutes after this pic was taken and all was right with the world :-)

When we got to the theater, the Grandmas made sure to save us seats. We heard that things get pretty rowdy at these events, but no one would dare mess with these birds :-)

Because I missed my picture opportunity at home, I wanted a quick picture before we took Addie into the dressing room. But as you can see, she was feeling a little sleepy from the car ride.

But she perked right up when she saw her girlfriends! Here she is with her buddy Megan.

And here is my sweet Nia Beanie getting her hair done. I like this look on her.

Here is our second try at a picture together. Much better :-)

And here I am with both my girls.

I know that there is simply no good way to contain a bunch of dancers backstage at a recital, but throwing EVERYONE in a giant room wasn't exactly the set-up I would have picked. It was pure freaking chaos back there.

But the girl's teacher, Miss Shelley, is great with them and they all flocked to her like little ducklings.

I'm sure it had nothing to do with her iPhone that had Dora the Explorer playing on it. Ha!

At this point, all Moms were ushered to their seats and then we just had to wait for them to come on stage. When the lights went down and the spotlights came up I was POSITIVE Addie was going to freak out. Dana and I were both sick with worry thinking about how they all were backstage. I didn't know what to expect after the year we have had in class. I was so worried that she would get nervous and not want to go on stage.

BUT...she strutted her cute butt out on stage, smiled, got in line, and sang and danced her little heart out. She was so precious on stage I actually cried. Couldn't help myself. ALL the girls did fantastic and I even saw Miss Shelley wiping away tears. It was wonderful and such a great ending to the year.

As soon as their performance was done, we all headed out to meet them in the lobby. Addie was so excited to see us waiting for her...

And she was so excited to finally get her hands on some flowers :-)

Are these cuties spoiled or what?

We were so lucky to have all of the grandparents there to celebrate with us. Here is Addie with Nana...

And Papa...

And Mommy and Daddy...

And Nana and Papa together...

And Mima and Papa Steve...

And finally...Mima and Papa Steve with both their girls. They were so proud.

We could have taken pictures of these cuties all night but when I saw Addie start to fall asleep standing up...

I knew it was time to change her and hit the road. Here she is walking out with the Ballerina Barbie we gave her :-)

Words can't express how proud I am of this little peanut. 9 months ago I could barely get her to go into class without me...

And now she is an experienced ballerina with a VERY successful recital under her belt :-)

I asked Addie today if she was going to miss dance class and she said no because we would be "going back soon". That's what I like to hear girlfriend :-)