Friday, September 2, 2011

How I Spent Nap Time

It's really embarrassing how much laundry I have to catch up on. And how badly my floors need to be washed. And how much in need I am of a shower. But instead of doing any of those things today, I spent nap time searching the internet for the perfect printables for our Home Management Binder.

Apparently, the Home Management Binder is the hot new organizational project in blogland and if you Google it, you can find hundreds of different blogs and websites with free printables for menu planning, family budgeting, etc. I should just print the first ones I find for each category but I am VERY particular when it comes to this stuff. So I started creating some of my own printables and if I can get them set up just right, I will share them with all of you when I am done!

This weekend I want to gather a few supplies, like a nice 2-inch binder. I love GreenRoom notebooks and binders from Target.

I also need some clear plastic page protectors, tabs/dividers, and a new ink cartridge because let's be serious...I can't have just black and white lists :-) 

I know I get a little carried away with my organizational projects, but I really believe that this one is going to help Eric and I a LOT! If I can get him to look at it anyway. Ha! To justify my addiction to organizing, I read a great quote on this cute blog I found recently called iheartorganizing. She said, "for every minute invested in getting organized, an hour is earned". 

So you see...organizing is a great investment of your time, even if you smell and have laundry stacked to the ceiling :-)

Well I hope you all have a fantastic holiday weekend! We have lots of fun in store as usual so I will be back with some cute pictures. Until then friends!


  1. I love the organizing part. I'm just not good keeping up with it! I sent you a link to an kids organizational site called Kids 101. Looks kind of cute!

  2. I gave up. The binders and all are cute as heck, but then ya gotta open them and actually 'do' the things. That's where we fall short...always.

  3. I haven't heard of these home management binders and now I am completely intrigued!! Thanks a lot ;)

  4. I will be looking forward to the finished product! I have a Target bag full of the makings for a binder. Whether or not I ever make it is debatable!!! :)


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