Friday, September 9, 2011

Need a Project This Weekend? Why Not Put Together Your Own Home Management Binder!

Even though we have a crazy busy weekend ahead of us, I am going to set out on a mission to complete our Home Management Binder. I picked up all my supplies this week and now that I have created some of my own printables (which I will share below), I think I am all set to get started!!!

So if any of you are looking for a weekend project and want to start your own Home Management Binder, here's what you need to get started. 

1. An Extra Wide Binder (I purchased a 2" binder so I have lots of room)

My mom is a pretty frequent Office Max shopper and she got me hooked on this awesome binder system called {In}Place. They have Extra Wide binders (so that your tabs don't stick out) and they make these awesome colored inserts for more storage.

I bought the green and it is adorable :-)

2. Tab Dividers

These are the best. I LOVE that each divider has two pockets. It's great for loose papers and extra lists.

3. Printable Forms (calendars, menu planners, important info, cleaning schedules, etc.)

There are seriously a TON of different free printables online for the Home Management Binder/Notebook. A great site my Mom found was and they have a whole section with free printables forms. They are definitely useful, but a tad boring for me. I like some color.

So...I decided to use my noodle and see if I could create some of my own printables. I had a very specific cleaning schedule and menu planner in my head so I opened up my scrapbooking software and went to town. I ended up making 6 different forms!! They were so fun to make, I may end up making a bunch more. But for now, here is what I have to share with all of you!

Pretty cute, huh? Like I said, I had very specific ideas in my head when I went in search of a cleaning schedule and a menu planner. Although I do like to think about meals a month at a time, I've realized lately that my menu ends up changing too much based on last minute additions to our schedule and the sales at stores. So, I decided to stick with just a weekly menu format, with a shopping list so that I can just take it out of my binder and head to the store!

I also find that my technically non-existent cleaning schedule is too random to designate certain tasks to the same days every week. So, I wanted to make a more general schedule that gives me check-lists for each day, an "other" section for other cleaning tasks I add on particular weeks and a "weekly seasonal project" section that can be used for tasks like: cleaning out the kid's closets, cleaning and storing all of our summer toys, putting up fall decor, etc. Martha always has a "seasonal task" each week and I love it. I need to be better about those things. So this cleaning schedule fits me just right.

And then of course I made your standard calendar that can be used for anything, a birthday list to log all birthdays on one sheet, a Physicians List and an Emergency Info sheet. These are always nice to have for quick access, especially if you have a babysitter come to your house.

I already have a huge list of other forms I want to make, but I thought this would do for now. want a copy of any of these? Well it's your lucky day! Just follow these links to print your own PDF. You are more than welcome to share these but if you do, please be sure to give me (and my blog) credit. Thanks :-)

I already know that I could use a weekly calendar, a general shopping list sheet, a gift log, and a few other things. Are there any forms you would like me to add?

Well that's all I have for today friends! I'm anxious to start putting my binder together and I hope that some of you join in on the organizing fun this weekend!


  1. True Story: I was just looking at some one else's home binder online and legit thought, I bet Jen could make some of these...

    So glad you did, even happier that you shared! Thanks friend!!!!

    Ps...Our days are getting numbered for that Disney talk! :-)

  2. Awesome idea! one central location where all the essential home items can be found.

    The best place that i have found for getting the greatest selection of difficult to find items at great prices is

  3. Shut the front door!!! Love these! My supplies have been sitting in their Tarjay bag for weeks bc I need my printer set up! Ahhh. I want to make it! Love your printables!!!

  4. Wow, the more you read, the more you learn. I have never even heard of a Home Management Binder.

    This is sure to help bring order to my hectic/busy household.

    Thanks so much for this.

  5. I just ordered my supplies online and I can't wait to put it together! Thanks for the idea! If you check out my blog at you will understand why I need as much organization in my life as I can get =)

  6. wow! great printables. i've been looking for a free site and never had much luck. thanks!


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