Friday, September 16, 2011

Only 100 Days to Christmas!

Happy Friday friends!!! I am so happy that this incredibly long week is coming to end. I am looking forward to a fun, relaxing weekend and a fresh start on Monday.

Last weekend, I started a little project that never got finished. My home management binder. I have my supplies, I've created printables and slowly started putting things together. But what I hoped to accomplish last weekend was a list of all the other things I still want to add. One of which is a "Holidays" tab!! It's hard to believe it is already September and that I'm seeing Halloween candy and costumes everywhere. I actually saw Christmas decor set up in Hobby Lobby so you know what that's going to be Christmas before we know it!!!

I did a little preliminary internet searching to find some examples of holiday organizational check-lists and ideas. Every year I say I am going to be more organized during the holidays so that I can actually enjoy them and not be totally stressed out. But every year, I fall off the wagon a bit and end up rushing around to get cards out, gifts bought and wrapped, menus/recipes planned, etc. So I was hoping to find something that would help me manage all this. I did find little calendars and check-lists here and there, but in regards to shopping lists, nothing seems to be more effective than my Better Christmas List app.

I used this app last year and they've made some awesome upgrades since then. If you have an iPhone or iPad, it really is the BEST way to track Christmas gifts and budgets.

But because the holiday season isn't just about buying gifts, I wanted something else to help organize the season as a whole. Again, I found lots of lists and what-not but the one thing I found to be really interesting and fun was the eBook called 100 Days to Christmas.

My friend Nina just reviewed this book on her blog and I thought I would give it a try. I was really excited to see that they offered this eBook for the NOOK so I downloaded it and I am so happy I did!!! What I like about this book (so far) is that it covers not just Christmas, but all of the holidays leading up to Christmas. It has daily tasks or challenges for Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc. I also like that there is only one challenge per day (because seriously...I will be lucky if I can accomplish one a day) and that there are catch-up days on the weekends in case you fall behind. The whole point of the book is to break down holiday responsibilities and traditions so that you can enjoy the holidays and not be overwhelmed by them. 

The 100 Days to Christmas actually starts TODAY if you can believe it! September 16th is the first challenge. And wouldn't you know, today's challenge is to put together a holiday binder (or tab within a larger home binder). PERFECT!!! I guess this will give me inspiration to work on some of my holiday printables so I can share them with all of you.

For those of you not wanting to think about Christmas yet...I'm sorry. You may want to stop reading my blog because now that I have started this little 100 day countdown, you are going to see the word "Christmas" a lot. But if you are like me and love the holidays and being organized, then follow along. I will try to post about some of the important challenges along the way so that I can offer some creative inspiration...if I have any :-)

Happy Weekend everyone!!


  1. Yay, this makes me happy. I'm anxiously awaiting the SB holiday cup!

  2. Always a pleasure to meet another fan of Christmas! So glad you are a part of our community. I look forward to reading about your holiday experiences!

  3. I wanted to write a disclaimer on my blog today too. I'm always doing Christmas countdowns and people get surprisingly irritated. It does come at the same time every year, so I don't get being surproised. Anyway, thbajd for letting me rant. :-)

  4. What an awesome app! I never thought to check iTunes for an app that could help me keep track of gift buying and such. I'm going to check it out now.

  5. I may or may not have downloaded this book immediately to my Nook...

    And I already have that app, or one just like it.. i LOVE IT. Keeps me sane!!! I mean, when I remember to use it.

  6. Hi there -found your blog over at 100 Days to Christmas :-) -Since I too am always looking for ways to get organized I downloaded the Christmas list app -just getting ready to start adding my family . Thanks for the advice to help keep organized


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