Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Productivity and Fall Hair

On rare occasions, I wake up in the morning with an urge to clean and organize. These mornings usually follow chaotic evenings where I'm rushing around looking for shoes, school papers, my car keys, etc. and I wake up with this drive and determination to get things in order. But usually, those wanna-be-productive days are interrupted by two little children who want my attention.

But today...I got lucky!! I let the kids build a fort in their playroom and told them they could play with whatever they wanted in there (that basically means I gave them permission to dump out every single toy bin on the floor and shove as much as they could in the tent). What is it with kids and their desire to trash things?? Seriously! Oh well. That playroom destruction occupied those two ALL MORNING and I was able to accomplish a ton of stuff!! Don't worry...I am going to be posting about all the re-organizing I did later but right now...I need to use this naptime to grade papers. BLAH!! 

But before I go, I just wanted to run something by all of you. I have a hair appointment tomorrow and I am between going super brunette...

or going with a more fall-ish blonde shade...

My hair got way too bleached this summer and I am not liking the super dark roots coming in now that I am not in the sun as much. Not. Cute. And the upkeep is just too much work for me to stay this blonde through the winter. So what should I daring and opt for the dark shade, or go with my safe bet and leave some light in it??


  1. I say go all daring girl! I think you might have fun trying something new, and if you don't like it then you can always go back blonde!


  2. Jen go dark! I need to go back to my natural hair color before this baby comes because the upkeep is too much. Plus my hair is the blondest it's been and I think it's just too much. So back to my natural dark blonde it is...and it's about as dark as the first picture. I'm ready for a change though! Go for it! Can't wait to see pics!

  3. Go dark!!! A warm dark though, not a cool dark. When your lovely summer tan fades a warmer shade won't wash you out. Um, that sounded rude, didn't mean it to! Dare I say a warm but dark auburn??? Hmmm!

  4. Coming from a dark-headed girl, I say dark!

  5. I agree, go DARK! I think it will look GORGEOUS!

  6. Dark has my vote! I love dark hair in the Fall & Winter :)

  7. I agree with everyone else...go dark!:)


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