Monday, October 17, 2011

69 Days to Christmas: Today's Challenge: Advent Activity Planner is everyone doing with their Christmas planning so far? I know for a fact I am not the only "crazy" person preparing early this year, especially since 100 Days to Christmas has so many Facebook followers already. We can all be Christmas nuts together :-)

Well in case some of you other nuts want to follow along with me, today's challenge is to set up an Advent Activity Planner. The purpose of this is to make the most of the days leading up to Christmas by filling it with fun activities and traditions. You will notice that once you start filling in all of your family's holiday parties, school activities, work activities, etc., there are very few days left for other fun holiday traditions like visiting Santa at the mall, baking cookies, crafting and looking at Christmas lights. By scheduling these activities in advance, you ensure that there is enough time in your busy holiday schedule to fit them all in.

And on the 100 Days to Christmas blog, they give a great example of how to incorporate these activities into your Advent calendar. As you know, my mom made us a beautiful Advent calendar that I always fill with small treats and toys. But instead of doing that this year, you could fold individual pieces of paper with that day's activity on it! Each morning, you can read it to your kids (or have them read it to you) and share what that day's holiday fun will be! I personally think Addie will get more excited about making a new craft or driving around at night to see lights, then she will over another boring pack of fruit snacks :-) Which is fine, because Blake will gladly eat hers too. Haha!

The reason I also like this idea for our house is because my kids technically get a "gift" each advent night when our Elf on the Shelf brings them a new book.

That is a tradition we started last year and it was SO much fun. I think Blake will actually enjoy it this year too, now that he is getting into reading books.

So now it's time to get started on my Advent Planner sheet!! I think I may design my own and then I will come back to this post and add a link for all of you who would like a copy. But in the mean time, it might be nice to brainstorm some fun holiday traditions and activities! I know my family is big on cookie baking, crafting, driving to see lights, visiting Santa (sometimes more than once), watching Christmas movies like The GrinchCharlie Brown, Elf and White Christmas (Eric and I like to watch that together every year :-). So...what else does your family like to do? What else should we all add to our list of holiday fun?

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  1. We have never done an advent calendar before, so this year I thought that we would start:) I have only come up with 14 things and I am no thoughts coming in my direction at all...maybe after halloween things will come to me...can't wait to see your list:) How do you like Elf on a shelf? Thinking of doing that as well this year with the kiddos:) Geeesh I love the holiday season!!


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