Monday, October 3, 2011

83 Days to Christmas: Today's Challenge: Halloween Costume Planning

I know I've already said it about 10 times, but I am really enjoying my 100 Days to Christmas e-book! I personally like having a copy of this book because I like to look ahead and make early plans. But what I've noticed is that the 100 Days to Christmas website actually posts the daily challenge each morning so even if you don't have your own copy of the book, you can follow along each day!!

Today's challenge: Costume Planning

I am usually guilty of jumping the gun on Halloween, but for those of us that haven't realized, it's OCTOBER!! It means it's finally time to put up that spooky decor and figure out costumes for trick-or-treating. I was lucky enough to find Addie's Halloween costume last spring for a STEAL! Our local Disney store was closing and they had everything half off! I managed to get her this gorgeous Rapunzel dress...

Along with the matching shoes, crown, light-up wand and necklace. I wasn't sure if she would fight me on what to be this year, but because we have had this dress hanging special in her closet for months, she is dying to wear it. I also wanted to get this dress to take with us to Disney, so she will get two special uses out of it. Actually, we will probably get a million uses out of it, since the girl loves to play dress up. I'm just happy I got this outfit when I did because at full price, we are talking big bucks.

So like I said...Addie was easy. Blake, on the other hand, is one picky little man. My SIL Dana gave me this great monster costume that Nolan wore last year. It's from Old Navy and it is adorable!! And it is super warm, which is always nice on those cold Halloween nights. But because it has a hooded headpiece, Blake wants NOTHING to do with it. I have tried it on him at least 8 times and he freaks out every time.

So I decide that it might be best to get Blake a costume this year that has no hood or hat. Just an easy one-piece outfit. The two characters that he loves the most lately are Mickey Mouse and Lightening McQueen. Actually, he just likes anything Cars. So I found an adorable Cars jumpsuit at the Disney store but when I saw it was $44, I put it back.

I have been looking at some of the Cars costumes on eBay and Target but I just really couldn't get the Disney store one out of my head.

It's warm, well-made and it lights up!! But I still couldn't get over the price. 

So yesterday, as I was laying in bed thinking about costumes, I realized that Blake could get a few more uses out of this suit. For one thing, we could take it to Disney and then he would be able to dress up there too. And, since his birthday theme is between Cars and Mickey, I thought he could possibly wear it for his party too! That's 3 uses at least and who knows...maybe he will like playing dress up with his sister too???

I had convinced myself last night that I needed this suit, so I went online to Disney Store today and saw that the suit was 25% off!!!!! And, if I used my Disney Visa, it was another 10% off, plus free shipping!!!!!


I know it's just a silly Halloween costume, but I am really excited!! I think he is going to look so cute in this and I am praying that he likes wearing it. If not, he can go in a pumpkin t-shirt this year. Ha!

So...what is everyone else (and their kids) going to be for Halloween this year?


  1. These are so cute. B is going to B a monkey bc we always call him a chunky monkey!

  2. Adorable! Emma's going to be Ariel. I was really trying to get her off the princess theme since last year she was Cinderella and tripped over her dress like crazy, but that's what she wanted. Sam is going as a ladybug, one of Emma's former costumes. I can't wait! Love Halloween! Hope it's not too chilly though...

  3. You and I are birds of a feather... last few years when we knew we were going to try and hit Disney before we had to pay for him, we paid the extra bucks and got him "Disney Store" costumes... Mickey Mouse and then Woody! This year, he is going as Thomas the Tank Engine! :-)

  4. Cute ideas! Olivia is going to be minnie mouse. I got her an infant costume at the disney store. It's just a long sleeve onesie with a hat. :)

  5. I am loving my 100 days to Christmas...I feel much more organized with it!! Love the costumes..the kiddos will look adorable..score that they get to wear them more than once!!!

  6. We got the Mickey costume from Disney last year and it was a complete FAIL. E hated everything about the costume, including the headpiece. I got it out last month and tried to put it on him several times and he just wasn't having it. I have been eyeing that same jumpsuit you picked out for Blake. I figure it will be like wearing clothes and he might go for it...especially with Cars on it. We don't have any Disney stores for a 100 mile radius so I'm glad to hear it is a nice little suit. Guess I need to place an order.

  7. My daughter is 12 so she chooses her own outfits. My son on the other hand, I still get to dress. I have no idea what either is going to be yet. I was just thinking yesterday that we need to figure it out. Halloween will be here before we know it.

    Love the costumes for your kids! Every girl wants to be a princess :)

  8. Ladies...I want to see pictures of ALL your kiddos this halloween!

    Heather - B will make an adorable monkey!

    Heather - The girls are going to be adorable. And I hope it isn't too chilly either. It sucks when they are freezing :-(

    Kate - We are birds of a feather girl...I think that all the time!

    OHML - Little Olivia is going to make a DARLING Minnie Mouse :-)

    Andrea - Doesn't 100 Days to Christmas rock?!! So much fun!

    Tricia - You totally need to place an order on Disney ASAP because the costume is now on SALE!!! I think there are also free shipping codes floating around even if you don't use a Disney card. It really is precious in person :-)

    MommyBlogger - I bet it is just as much fun helping the older kids with costumes. My mom always helped me with mine. She was awesome like that :-)


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