Friday, October 7, 2011

Addie's First Preschool Field Trip!

Yesterday, Addie and her little preschool buddies all headed out to a park and nature museum for their first field trip!! I was SO excited to be able to go with and enjoy the fun.

And so was this guy.

And this guy :-)

The field trip actually started with a little nature hike through the woods. 

Our tour guide was the sweetest, funniest, most patient man and he was SO GOOD with the kids. Blake was his little buddy the whole time.

He showed the kids a bunch of different trees and leaves and let them explore.

The boys were all about the exploring part, but the girls just liked to stand around and hold hands.

In fact, there was lots of hand holding going on all day.

Even with me :-)

But I think this was the CUTEST hand holding of all.

She was so excited to have Blake with her on her field trip.

Whenever the kids weren't holding hands, they were busy leading the tour...

Before heading into the museum, we tried to get a few cute group picture.

First we tried the kids on the bridge. BIG fail. They were too busy looking at the water.

And then we tried to get one with their teacher. This is actually only half her class, and Addie is sort of hidden behind the girl with pigtails, but it's still a cute shot :-)

And then it was time to head inside and play with some animals. Blake spotted a stuffed skunk right off the bat and was totally freaked out...yet fascinated. He just kept pointing and staring at it. 

And then he got a little more brave and touched it. Now I just hope he doesn't try to chase a real one in our yard. Ha!

And speaking of real animals, the kids were all super excited to get to play with the turtles. The museum had this great open "cage" for a bunch of them.

The kids thought this was pretty neat.

While the tour guide talked about all the turtles, the kids started asking him some of the funniest questions. You know, like "Do turtles wear pajamas?" and "Do turtles drink their bath water?". Preschools are so random...and CUTE!!

And then the guide picked up one of the turtles so that the kids could get a closer look. Blake was FASCINATED!!!

I told ya...he was all about his new buddy. Look at his little hand on his leg! Adorable.

The kids loved that they finally got to touch him.

I'll admit...that turtle was pretty cute. If I wasn't holding my camera, I might have petted him too.

But...he was only out for a minute because the guide wanted to bring out another friend.

Um...yeah. That's a snake. And here is my daughter about to pet it.

When the guide looked at Blake to see if he wanted to touch, Blake was like, "HELL NO!"

"I'll just go check out these fish over here."

"And maybe another turtle."

The kids really had so much fun yesterday and so did I. It was great having Blake and my Daddy-O there with us because we made some great memories. We may just have to take the kids back to that museum another day.

But before we headed home, Papa had one last treat for us...

BURGERS! And cheese fries of course :-) It was a great way to end our fun field trip. We get to take another one in the Spring and I can't wait :-)

Happy Weekend Everyone!


  1. I had the best time with my two girls and little man. What a great day!!!!

  2. Love all the pics! So cool that you will be able to do all of this stuff with the kids. :) Eww the snake!!!

  3. Field trips are always so fun! I can't wait to take Levi on his! And holy crap, I want that burger! YUM!

    (Also, love your dark hair!)

  4. GORGEOUS PICS!!!! What a cute field trip


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