Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Because Christmas is Officially 2 Months Away...

I thought it was okay to talk about it again!! If you still think it's too early, then I suggest you skip this post and come back after Thanksgiving :-)

But if you are like me and already into the holiday spirit, then I have a fun little post for you. 

Technically, Christmas is 2 months away, but the start of Advent is just a little over a month away! So really friends...it isn't to early to start thinking about all those fun holiday activities that you want to cram into the month of December. When I first looked at my blank Advent Activities Calendar, I thought it was a lot to fill in. But as I started jotting down birthdays, work parties, school activities, holiday parties, etc., I realized that there isn't much time left over! It's crazy how fast that month fills up, so I'm glad I am brainstorming these things ahead of time.

When I posted about Advent Activity Planners a week or so ago, I asked that everyone share some of their favorite holiday activities. Sadly, that post got very little love so I am giving it another shot, especially since I finally created a blank advent activities calendar that you can download for yourself here

I actually sat down a few days ago and jotted down all the things I hope to add to this calendar. Here they are, in no particular order:

1. Have the kids "write" a letter to Santa and mail it at Macys.
2. Visit Santa at the mall.
3. See the Christmas lights display at the zoo (on a warmer night).
4. Wear jammies and go for a ride in the car to look at Christmas lights at night.
5. Donate old (and new) toys to kids in need. A local news station does a great toy drive each year.
6. Build a snowman (as long as it snows).
7. Make paper snowflakes and hang them around the house.
8. Bake and decorate Christmas cookies.
9. Go with Papa to Menards and buy one new Christmas decoration (this is a tradition him and I have had for years!)
10. Go ice skating. 
11. Watch "Merry Christmas Charlie Brown" with the kids for a movie night.
12. Watch "White Christmas" with Eric when the kids are in bed one night.
13. Help Great Grandma set up her Christmas tree.
14. Go to the Littlest Elves workshop at the Nature Museum and make crafts.
15. Make special Christmas cards for our teachers.
16. See the Window Displays at Macy's in Chicago.
17. Make a special trip to get a Ghiradelli hot chocolate.
18. Have a holiday playdate so the kids can all make cookies, work on a craft, or watch some Christmas cartoons :-)
19. Have a holiday night out with my girlfriends! Hey...we will need a break from all this family time :)

As December approaches, our schedule is sure to change. But it is nice to think of all the things we would like to do together and hopefully find a place for them.

So...would anyone like to add any activities to the list? Any special holiday traditions you and your family like to make time for each year?


  1. We have never done an advent before....so this is new to me:) but some of the things I did come up with, pick an angel from the tree, take a donation box to the animal shelter...the kids have a box that they are filling up and are having a lot of fun with it! Make ginger bread houses, and deliver goodies to our neighbors...just to name a few! Its never too early for Christmas....honestly the kids already have their trees up in their room:)

  2. I want to do all of these things with you and the kids! I'll put them on my list!

  3. LOVE these ideas. Totally stealing some. If I can plan it out in advance, on what days kennedy doesnt have activities ( i think theres like 1!!) I could attach the note of what we are doing to a little piece of chocolate or something. Loving this, thanks for the inspiration.

  4. This is a great idea to list Advent activities (even though my kiddos are grown). I am going to write mine down and put them on the frig for everyone to see! We have some activities that we do every year, but I want to add some new ones too! We have a church near by that always puts on a Christmas play where they have a modern Christmas story and they also present the Christmas story from the Bible with live animals! This is always a must for me!

  5. I LOVE this list...such a great idea! Christmas will be a little different for us this year since we'll be in sunny California but I'll definitely be stealing some of your ideas :)

  6. Jen- I like to listen to Christmas music, dance around with the kids, and decorate the tree. I will give each of the boys a new ornament to hang on the tree this year. I will probably continue the tradition of giving them an ornament that marks where they are in their lives. Zach is getting a Marvel superhero one, and Matt is geeting a Scooby Doo one. I would have gotten him an Elmo one, but Hallmark didn't make one.

    Another thing I'd like to do this season is take the boys sledding, or at least pull them around outside for awhile. Making a snowman is definitely on my list too, we never did get around to it last year, so this will be a 1st for Zach and Matt.

  7. This is great!! Sounds SO fun & cozy & memorable... I LOVE the holidays!! I'd add to go cut down/set up/decorate the Christmas tree while having hot cocoa (maybe with some bailey's for mommy & daddy) & christmas movies or christmas music on during the decorating part! Maybe make or pick out a new ornament each year :)


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