Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Beware of Little Monsters & My Halloween Porch

Well...since NO ONE commented on my fun little Christmas post yesterday, I thought I would slow down a bit and focus on the holiday that is actually coming up :-)

I really am excited that Halloween is less than 2 weeks away because I can't wait to see my little kiddies in their costumes!!! I am not looking forward to the 10 pounds I will gain eating all of their candy, but in the end I think it's worth it :-)

So...let's talk about my Halloween porch shall we? I was really digging all the polka dot decorating ideas all over Pinterest this month so I decided to make a little wreath and throw some bows on my mums to spice up our porch. Such simple additions and they look so cute!

I realize I should have probably swept my porch and put away my watering can...but oh well. You get the idea :-) 

I know a lot of people like to go "spooky" for Halloween, but I still like to keep it "cutesy". I thought the "Beware of Little Monsters" sign was TOTALLY appropriate for my house this year, and I also love the wooden spider pieces Dana got me for my birthday a few years ago. Addie thought this was the coolest thing to put together. She did it all by herself.

She also loves my little wooden "Haunted House", but gets frustrated that it's not a real house for her dolls :-) 

So...did you notice the little monster in my window? Well...I'm not forgetting about him this Halloween either. If Nana Jan isn't too busy and can whip up a little scarf for him, my guy is going to be Harry Potter

Seriously...how hilarious is this? I know he won't keep those glasses on, but if I can just get ONE picture for framing purposes, I'd be happy.

Is anyone else dressing up their mutt this Halloween?


  1. We must be on the same wavelength today because I took a picture of my porch too to make a post. I love the way you decorated yours. Very cute! And I can't wait to see pics of Howie as Harry Potter! Mine have been a cop and a prisoner in the past. I don't know if I will use them again this year or get some new ones.

  2. Yes! I'm going to dress Madison up as a slug! Well, I have little to do there.

  3. What a cute porch! I love the pumpkin spider...so clever!

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  5. I always think if your porch when I think of fall. :o) We just pressure washed/cleaned off the nasties from LAST winter (other owners) and dead summer plants yesterday. So, now I need to get it looking like halloween! We do a mix of gross creepy and cutesy because Brandon really gets into Halloween for some reason. :)

    Oh, and I will DIE if you dress Howard like that. HOW CUTE! I don't even watch/read HP but that is hilarious. :)

  6. Glad to see you are thinking of dressing Howie up! Too cute. Love the porch. We have the same spider :)


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