Friday, October 21, 2011

House Guest Etiquette

Technically, Eric and I will not be having full-time house guests while we are in Florida. However, our amazing neighbors have agreed to not only watch over our home, but ALSO watch over our little Howard. Honest to God...if Howie could comprehend this whole thing...he would be crossing off the days until we leave. I mean think about it...6 whole days of CONSTANT love and attention with no crazy kids to share it with? Awesome!! He is going to be in great hands.

But I know my Howie...and he can be a bit of a handful at times, especially when he is out of his element. So my neighbor said that it can be a combination of him spending time at their house and ours. It's one thing to ask your neighbors to grab your mail and watch your home, but it's another thing to ask them to take care of an animal. I realize what a HUGE favor this is and I really want to thank them properly. 

So what is a nice Thank You gift for this type of favor? Should it be something as simple as a giftcard to a restaurant for a nice meal? A gift basket with wine and other goodies for them (and Howie) to indulge in while we are gone? I just want to do something extra special. Anyone have any thoughts? They will be in and out of our house every day, so should I have some special coffee set out on the counter? Or bake some yummy treats that they can grab each day when they stop over? Any thoughts, cute ideas or pinterest pins you have to share would be much appreciated. Our trip is growing near and I want to get these little things in order :-) Thanks friends!

P.S. Be sure to enter my FABULOUS holiday card giveaway!!!! It will now be ending on Monday, October 24th so be sure to post your comments by then. Happy Weekend Everyone!!


  1. My parents' neighbors do this often. One great gift a neighbor did for my parents was get 2 nice steaks from the butcher, 2 loaded baked potatoes, made a nice salad, a bottle of wine, and fresh brownies in a basket. Have fun coming up with something!

  2. I think a batch of snickerdoodles, bottle of wine or 6pack of beer & a gift card to a restaurant 3is a great gift! I usually get a gc for half of what I would have spent on boarding. Maybe I'm cheap? Unless its our parents.... I don't give them anything. Lol! You probably alreAdy are thinking this but maybe put whatever you're going to do together ASAP so you aren't stressing it right beforehand. You will be a stressball with everything else this vacay entails... PS the cookies freeze really well!!! Make batches ahead! :)


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