Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It's Already Happening...

So remember a month ago when I was all like, "I love running! I am so happy that I am in this amazing groove. I love that I feel guilty if I don't get out for a run at least 3-4 days a week! Blah blah blah"

Well...that was the Jen 3 weeks ago. When it was still 70+ degrees outside. You know...BEFORE fall arrived, along with the wind, rain, and 40 degree evening temps. And do you know where I have to run if I can't do it outside? In my basement. On this beautiful piece of equipment...

Yes...this is the SAME piece of equipment I begged for last year. The same piece of equipment I told Eric I needed for the sake of my health. Yeah...I went there. And do you know how I feel when I run on this beautiful treadmill?

Bored. To. F-ing. Tears.

Take in mind that I have an iPhone with music. AND it has a built in TV. I should be anything but bored right? I should be able to run forever, considering treadmill running is suppose to be "easier" than outside. So why do I hate it so much? Why did the 3 miles I ran the other day on it feel like 15? And seriously...HOW am I going to get on this thing 3-4 times a week ALL WINTER LONG??!!!

I need to change my attitude friends. I need to figure out how to keep my mind occupied while I am on this treadmill. It's not even November and it's already happening. I'm skipping runs because I don't want to be in my basement. Maybe I should plan my runs around a show I can't miss? Or work harder on my playlists? Or skip music and distractions all together? Maybe I should put a towel or something over the dashboard so I can't see the mile markers and countdown clock. How does everyone else get over treadmill boredom? How do you make it fun?

I really, REALLY want to love the treadmill. I really want to run a half marathon next year. I really want to make it through one holiday season without gaining 10 pounds. And most of all, I really want to commit to something and stick with it ALL year...not just when it's easy. I don't like being a quitter.

So help me out friends. I need some motivation or ideas or something. Or, I am just going to have to buy a running snowsuit and suck it up. Do they even make those? I may need one for the Hot Chocolate 5K next week if the temps keep dropping like this :-)


  1. Do something different for a few weeks and I bet you'll be ready to get back on that treadmill. Sometimes, you need a break from an activity in order to really love it again. Take a yoga class for six weeks. Or a pilates class. And THEN jump back on that treadmill!

  2. I hear ya- When I "walk" on the treadmill it seems to take forever. My biggest problem is that I sit & think of things I could be doing what time I'm walking. I then get anxious to get them done & end up cutting my walking time short! Good luck on finding some treadmill motivation!

  3. When I used to run on our treadmill I'd constantly change things up. I'd run at a certain pace for 3 mintues, then make it faster for the next two. Just back and forth like that for 30 minutes and see how much mileage I could accomplish. I am bored to run at the same speed for the duration of the run. It's so boring! Try constantly changing your pace...maybe it'll help. :) Good luck!

  4. LOL! I hate the dreadmill almost as much as the ellipti-devil. I did a training run of 16 miles on a treadmill and ever since then I am lucky to stay on the mill for 30 minutes...The only way I can stay on is if I messed with speed and incline...If you get any good tricks let me know.

    I prefer to run outside. I live in the snow belt so I wear yaks and hat /gloves...My ruling is it must be 15 or higher to run outside!

  5. What worked for me was I found a tv show (with several seasons & watched it through Netflix) that I really got into and only allowed myself to watch it when I was on the treadmill. No exceptions. Good luck!!

  6. I have to listen to music or watch TV while I'm running. I usually do better with music as it keeps me more pumped up. Perhaps you could adjust your playlist to add some new tunes every so often so it will keep you entertained?

    Or work out to The Biggest Loser. Then you'll never quit :)

  7. You have inspired me to run! I'm serious! I'm doing the Couch to 5K training and I will be doing my first 5K on Thanksgiving morning. I thought of you when I decided to give it all a go. I'm not a runner, but I'm finding the training fun and I'm excited to see any progress that I make. So thank you for inspiring me!

    I don't really have any advice for you, but the other comments seem pretty good!

  8. Thanks for all the motivation, encouragement and suggestions everyone!!! I am going to try ALL suggestions until something works :-)

    And Angela...I think your sweet post just made me want to go run 6 miles. That was so nice of you and I am so happy that I could inspire you the way others inspired me :-) Love ya girl! And GOOD LUCK on your first 5K!!

  9. P.S. treadmill will now forever be called the dreadmill. LOVE it!!


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