Sunday, October 16, 2011

MORE Birthday Fun...and this is it for a while I swear :-)

I realize this is birthday overkill at this point, but there has been a lot of celebrating going on and I just can't help but post about it all :-)

So here is the picture I promised from my birthday at Mima and Papa Steve's. I love this picture with all my kiddies :-)

I think the best thing about birthdays is getting to spend quality time with some of your favorite people...

And getting spoiled by friends who live far, far away. My BF Chelsi surprised me with the sweetest care package on Friday. 

She sent me tons of cute stuff, but my FAVORITE gift in the box was a container of homemade snickerdoodles...

Eric and the kids and I ate the crap out of these this weekend! Seriously...every single one is gone. I texted Chels today, begging for the recipe :-)

And of course, because Auntie Chelsi NEVER forgets my kiddies, she sent them a little goodie bag of treats too...

Thanks so much for the wonderful birthday surprise girlfriend!!! Oh how I wish we lived closer :-(

And speaking of birthday surprises, Chelsi's gift was not the only package to arrive on Friday. I also had to sign for this bad boy...

This was my birthday gift from Eric and the kids. Even though I had to spend HOURS dealing with updates and overloaded servers, I am in LOVE with this phone. I know it's sad to be so crazy about a piece of technology, but I can't help myself. I got to do Facetime with this little cutie today...

And it totally made my morning. By the way, I am talking about Facetiming Owen. Not Eric. I get plenty of his cute face everyday :-) Ha!

I actually got to see my peanut Owen this weekend and I can't get over how BIG he got in the past few weeks!!! Babies grow so fast. Doesn't he look adorable in his overalls?

He wore them special for Aunt Diana, who celebrated her big birthday this weekend!!

I know I promised a ton of pictures, but I totally dropped the ball!! I think I was just having so much fun mingling, laughing, sipping wine and eating to remember to take pictures!! I did get a few though.

Here's my Pops and Eric hanging out in the garage.

And of course, my Grams and her boyfriend Richard were there. I love these two party animals :-)

I had the opportunity to meet so many of Diana's friends and family that live out of town and I had such a blast with all of them!!

Adam had some of his buddies there too, and as you can see, they were THRILLED when I made them post for a picture :-)

Diana had the cutest birthday cake. Can you see the picture of baby Di wearing her little cowboy boots? Adorable isn't it?

Here is the birthday girl making her big wish...

Doesn't she look cute in her little cowgirl birthday suit? And don't you love the "Redneck Wine Glass" that her mom got her? We had such a good laugh about that one. I think we all need a set :-)

So this is the point in the night where I realized I hadn't taken any pictures, so I just started making people pose for me. Here's Di and my mom and I :-)

And my Mom and her sister Kathy...

And two of Di's girlfriends. Tricia (on the left) made some of the cutest birthday decorations for Di! Oh how I wish I had taken pics of them :-)

 I realize one of the pictures I am missing is of Di and her life-long BFF Julee. These girls have been friends FOREVER and they both looked so cute at Di's party. Julee and I were finally able to do some catching up too, but we spent the majority of that time talking about our love of the show Dexter. and I need a Dexter & Wine night together SOON!

So that's all the recapping I have of Di's birthday bash! It ended up being the most beautiful fall night and we were able to hang outside and enjoy a big fire. It was great meeting so many new people and catching up with some old friends. But best of all, it was great getting to celebrate Di and see her so happy and loved by so many people. We hope you had a GREAT birthday Auntie Di!! We love you!

So now...after almost a whole week of birthday fun, it's back to the grind tomorrow. How is it that Monday's still kinda suck, even when you are a SAHM? Weird. But thanks to Aunt Meagan, I have a HUGE box of Vanilla Dunkin Donuts coffee to get the day started :-)


  1. Weekends are so much fun when spent with family and friends! I think that is what always makes Mondays kind of blah :) Looks like the party was a blast! Glad this week brought many great birthday celebrations for you!

  2. So glad great birthdays were had all around!!! :o) Di's part looks like it was a blast!

    I'm glad everyone loved the cookies. Not going to lie, I kind of wanted to keep one of the Halloween sponge things for myself... lol!!!


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