Monday, October 10, 2011

My Birthday Celebration: Part 1

Even though my birthday isn't until tomorrow, my family and I got together last night to do a little early birthday celebrating!

My SIL Di showed up with my AMAZING cake...

This, coming from the SIL that always claims she "doesn't do cute". Whatever...this is about as cute as you get! And was as delicious as it looks. I have had several pieces to prove it :-)

But because she spent all her "cute" on the cake, she decided to wrap my gift in something less cute...

I really did get crazy spoiled this year with gifts. My family always goes WAY overboard, even though I beg them not to. I honestly just enjoy all the cards. Di always manages to find some funny ones :-)

Even Blake got a good laugh out of one of them :-)

It's funny...Addie is ALWAYS ready to help me unwrap gifts, but when she took one look at Aunt Di and Uncle Adam's duct tape mess...she was like "Whatever can do this one."

But it was worth all the effort to get the paper off because I got this ADORABLE John Deere shirt (which Adam said I finally earned for driving his tractor)...

And they also got me the movie Bridesmaids and a gift card to one of my favorite stores...Barnes & Noble :-)

And then came the big gift. The gift that my whole family went it on. A gift that I was totally NOT expecting, since I wasn't even sure anyone knew I wanted it. But I guess my mom heard me talking about enough to know that it would be worth the splurge. 

They got me this beautiful Nylon Marc Jacobs tote that I have wanted FOREVER!!!

And just to prove how much I love this bag and how surprised and excited I was to get it, here is the worst picture of me. Ever.

You can thank my husband for that disgusting shot. But I had to share, just because it shows my true excitement. This bag is freaking awesome. You can wipe off spills in a second, there are tons of great pockets, it can hold a ton (perfect for a carry-on for Disney) and you can throw it in the wash. 

And because I tend to let my bigger purses and totes get SUPER disorganized and messy, my mom made me these coordinating bags to keep everything organized and easy to find. Gotta love her :-)

Like I said...SPOILED!!!! Again!!! 

Here I am with Di showing off my new shirt. Pretty cute huh? I think I might need more John Deere gear!

If you haven't noticed, the weather in the midwest has been unseasonably warm for October. Like...80 degrees warm. Normally, I get bummed when it turns 80 degrees in October because I don't get to wear any of my boots or sweaters. But with two active kiddies that LOVE to play outside...I am going to be grateful for every warm day we get this fall.

Because it was so nice out after dinner, we took those crazy kiddies outside to burn some energy. Addie just learned how to play Duck-Duck-Goose in preschool, so she wanted everyone to play with her. 

Aunt Di was the first Goose...

Blake just kind of stood there for a second, wondering why everyone was running around.

And then when Nana was the goose, he jumped in too.

It was really such a wonderful night to be together with my family. My Grams was there too and I realize  every year what a gift it is to still have her to celebrate with. I just love her to pieces. 

And here I am with my sweet baby girl. She has grown into my little BFF lately and I love every moment I get with her to talk and laugh and do each other's nails. What a peanut.

I also took a pic with my mom, but we both agreed it wasn't our best and she asked me not to post it. Hahaha! Oh Mamacita :-)

After a little playing outside, we all went into the house to enjoy one of Papa's homemade carmel apples. Friends...I know everyone claims to make the best carmel my dad has been perfecting his recipe for about 20 years and let me tell ya...his are the BEST EVER!!!! I don't even have a picture of his apples because we ate them so fast. So I guess I will have to do a separate post about those later :)

Thanks everyone SO MUCH for the wonderful birthday party last night!!! Thank you for all my wonderful gifts, my delicious desserts, and all the hugs and birthday wishes. Aunt Meagan, Uncle Ryan and baby Owen couldn't make it last night, but they were there in spirit. 

I love you all soooooooooooooooo much!!!


  1. We have the same diaper bag (surprise surprise) It's awesome. And that cake looks delish.

  2. Happy Early Birthday!! Hope you have a great day tomorrow!

  3. Happy Early Birthday Jen- What a gorgeous bag!

  4. I hope you have a wonderful birthday!!

  5. Happy Birthday Hook!
    Please tell Diana that my birthday is Feb.5, and I also enjoy chocolate cake :)


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