Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Little Girl is Growing Up WAY Too Fast!

 A lot of people have been asking me lately if Addie is doing well in preschool and ballet this year. Apparently I posted all of my fears about starting the new school year and then never updated anyone! The reason is...I've been really afraid to jinx things. It seems that whenever I brag about how well Addie is doing with something, she flips the switch. So I really wanted to give both activities some time before I  said anything :-)

But now that we are well over a month into preschool, I think it is safe to say that Addie LOVES it!!! She has never shed one tear and has never been the slightest bit timid or scared to go into class. Dare I even say...she enjoys going to class?!! 

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know that our first independent ballet class did not go well last year. We had a lot of ups and downs but our biggest struggle was getting Addie to go into class without me. Looking back now, I wonder if I did push her into that class a little too soon. That may be the case, but at the same time I wonder if that class is the reason she is doing so well with preschool? Either way...I am just so happy and so PROUD of my baby girl. This experience has been so wonderful for both of us and now that she walks around talking about her fabulous teachers and singing songs about Jesus, I know I picked the right school for her.

A few weeks ago, the kids had their school pictures (this was the same day the preschool told me that Addie had to work on listening) and I was worried that those pictures were not going to come out well. But we got them back today and they are adorable!!!

Doesn't she look so BIG here? I can't get over it. Where did my baby go?

Even when I look at Addie in her tutu this year, I think she looks SO much bigger than she did last year.

And speaking of Ballet, I am happy to report that Addie is doing fantastic in that class as well. No crying and no fighting me to go in. It's just part of her routine now. And...I suppose it helps to have your BFF in class too.

What do you think...does this look like the same ballerina as last year?

It's amazing how fast these kiddies grow up. It's hard to believe I already have a preschooler who talks like a 30-year-old sometimes :-) But what I love about this age is our ability to communicate with one another. I can reason with Addie (sometimes) and she is very motivated by the things I loved as a child. She is loving her sticker Listening Chart and she has been doing great with it. We haven't had one bad report from preschool and she has even been listening a little better to me at home. The girl just loves her some stickers :-) her big treat for filling up her sticker chart...Addie has asked to get her ears pierced. Honestly, I have mixed feelings about this. I know lots of people who had their daughters ears pierced as babies, and Nia just had her ears pierced a few months (hence Addie's new obsession to get hers done). It's not that I don't think Addie could handle it, because Nia already explained that it "hurts for just a second," but I am worried that she won't be able to take care of them properly yet. Her and Blake still play kind of rough and I am always scared to death of getting them ripped out!! I just don't know what to do yet. She is really excited about it and I believe I was 5 when I had mine done. She will be 4 in March, so she is getting close. But is it too soon? I guess we will just wait until the chart is full and see if she has a new treat in mind. This girl is as bad as I am with changing her mind :-)

Alright friends...that's my Addie update for now :-) I have been so excited to share her progress but like I said...I didn't want to say too much too soon. Now let's just hope our entire school year is this much fun.

Happy Thursday everyone!!

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  1. what can I say, i just love that little girl of yours.


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