Thursday, October 27, 2011

What's A Teddy Bear Picnic?

I wondered the same thing when I saw that Addie's preschool was having a Teddy Bear picnic in lieu of a traditional Halloween party. I'll admit...I was a little bummed at first that her Christian preschool doesn't celebrate the holiday (mostly because I love seeing a bunch of little kiddies in their costumes) but when I told Addie she would get to wear her jammies and slippers to preschool instead, she was like...

"WOOHOO!!!!! I get to wear my jammies?!!!!!"

She could care less about not getting to wear her costume. She just thought it was the coolest thing ever to go to school in her new piggie jammies and pink fuzzy slippers today...

The best part, for me anyway, was that parents were able to join the party for the last half hour. The kids sang us some adorable songs...

I think Audrey (in the yellow) forgot the words here. Ha :-)

And when they were done singing, they were able to join us at the tables for a little treat.

All the kids got to decorate their own teddy bear cookie today and it's clear that these chics like their frosting...

I think the idea was to share the teddy bear cookie with your parents, but Addie was like, "Whatevs...I made this thing...I get to eat it"

Don't parties like this make you miss being a kid? They were all so cute and so excited today...and I'm sure this is all they will talk about ALL weekend. Addie has already been singing her teddy bear song for everyone and if I can ever get my video uploader to work, I will share it with all of you too :-)

So...did anyone else's kiddies have a Halloween party or Teddy Bear Picnic today?

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  1. What a cute idea!! When my kiddos were in public school they had pj day each year the day before Christmas break. Now that I am homeschooling we have that about once a month during cold months but they teddy bear picnic is perfect!! I may have to do something like this with my youngest two!!!


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