Wednesday, November 30, 2011

25 Days to Christmas: Final Advent Preparation & Meeting Santa

It's that time my friends!!! December starts tomorrow, which means it's time to break out those Advent Calendars and let the fun begin!!

Today's 100 Days to Christmas Challenge is Final Advent Preparation. We are all set over at our house. We have the fabric Advent Calendar that Nana made us a few years ago. Instead of filling each pocket with a treat (because the kids are still too young to resist the temptation to open all 25 the first day), we are just going to have our Christmas Penguin hop from pocket to pocket each day.

I think the kids will like moving him every morning. Plus, it's not like we are going through advent without a special treat each day. Elf is bringing us a book each night and Great Grandma dropped off this chocolate advent calendar today...

I think these kids are sufficiently spoiled this year :-)

But the advent fun doesn't stop there! I did a post a while back about an Advent Activities Calendar and we finally have ours all filled out and hanging on the fridge!

Obviously, some of these activities may change (do to weather, unexpected events, etc.) but at least we have a game plan of the things we want to do!! If you still want a blank copy of the Advent Activities Calendar I made, you can download it here.

If you noticed, visiting Santa is not on our calendar because we already got to see him this year! Twice, actually. The first time was with Nia and Nolan, after Aunt Dana suggested we beat the Santa rush and head to Bass Pro Shop the day before Thanksgiving.

If you have a Bass Pro Shop near should really take your kids (or grandkids, nieces and nephews, etc.) because it is a really kid-friendly store. They have these huge fish tanks that my kids just love...

And during the holidays, they have a huge Santa's workshop set up with tons of free crafts, games and activities set up for the kids. Addie and Nolan were crazy about this train...

Although, the train was nothing compared to the shooting game.

Nia and Addie with guns...their Daddies were proud.

I suppose the best part of Santa's Workshop at Bass Pro is the big man himself. We were able to get TWO pictures this year that were both FREE! Sorry more $20 pictures for us :-)

Plus, this Santa was amazing. So sweet and gentle with the kids. They just loved him. Well...Addie loved him. Blake was only willing to give him a high-five and then I had to hold him for the picture. (I wish I would have pulled his pant legs down. Whoops!). But least no one was crying this year!!

When we were done with our picture, Addie was still talking Santa's ear off. There was a huge line but Santa didn't rush her. He let her tell him ALL about preschool, wanting a light-up paint brush (that was news to me) and a Disney Princess Aurora Baby. The camera man was sweet enough to snap a second picture of just Addie and Santa. I love this one.

And like I said, this wasn't the only time Addie's seen Santa this year. When we were at the mall getting our ears pierced, there wasn't a line to see Santa so she ran right over and hopped on his lap. I didn't get another picture, but I wish I had because she was so sweet sitting on his lap showing him her new earrings. Kids are so freaking precious at this age. Just seeing how excited she was to talk to Santa (without all the crying and body thrashing) was priceless :-)

So...has anyone else already seen Santa this year? Is everyone excited to get their Advent calendars up and going? I know we are!!


  1. We've seen Santa twice this year already too! Friday I have to go to the mall and Emma's already bugging to go and on the 16th my mom wants to go with the girls again! Emma loves him and always has! Samantha is definitely not a fan. I'm going to have to be in the picture this year like you. :)

  2. Haven't seen Santa yet... for some reason, we always go on December 8th.... SO I imagine that is when we will make our trek this year. LOVE the new blog design. SO cute. I really feel that we need to sit down some morning soon and drink hot cocco so I can come see all your Disney pics!! Take Care friend!

  3. We haven't been to see Santa yet this year. I'm a little afraid. We had the crying and thrashing last year. Of course, the little stinker might surprise me.

    I have a quick question for you...what type and size of scalloped edge punch are you using on your printables? I only have some circle and square punches from Creative Memories that are getting old. Went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and they had like 4 different types to choose from. Just wanted to know what type you prefer/use. Thanks!

  4. We always go to Bass Pro for our Santa picture. Can't beat free! Cute activities for the kids! We have the same chocolate calendar and they shared the first piece at 7:30 this morning.


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