Monday, November 21, 2011

34 Days to Christmas: Kickin It, Pilgrim Style

Thanksgiving week is finally upon us!! I guess I shouldn't say finally, considering this holiday totally snuck up on me! I do this every year. I get so focused on being ahead of the game for Christmas, I fail to give Thanksgiving the love it deserves.

But all that's going to change!! Even though my house is all decorated for Christmas (and I totally want to post pictures), I am going to focus just on Thanksgiving this week and give thanks for the countless blessings I have been given in my life. Last night, I celebrated a wonderful Thanksgiving with Eric's side and it reminded me once again how truly blessed I am to have married into such a wonderful family. There were lots of great pictures taken last night, although they were not on my camera. I sorta forgot mine so I will recap last night as soon as cousin Sarah sends them my way (hint hint girlfriend :-)

So...on to today's 100 Days to Christmas Challenge!! The challenge today is to start prepping your Thanksgiving table. Eric and I usually host Thanksgiving for my side of the family every year, but this year my mom decided she would like to have it! At first I tried talking her out of it, since I really do enjoy hosting, but considering how busy we've been since we got back from vacation, I'm kind of liking the idea of NOT having to prep a table this week :-)

However, that doesn't mean I can't think of future Thanksgiving tables today! Now that my kids are slowly growing out of high chairs and booster seats (tear...) I've started thinking about planning a cute kids table to set up every year! I'm just in love with all the little kids tables that Pottery Barn Kids puts together every year...

Pinterest is FULL of little Thanksgiving kids crafts too and I love the idea of having something to entertain them at the table until the food is ready. 

They could work on something as simple as coloring...

Or you could have them put something together that they can eat after (or before?) dinner. I love these little Turkey pops...

If you have a little helper on your hands like I do, you could even have the kids help you make cute place setting cards with construction paper and stickers. 

Ideas for Thanksgiving tables are endless, especially if you browse through Martha Stewart Living or your holiday Pottery Barn catalog, but I think the most important part of any Thanksgiving table is not what you put on it, but rather who sits around it :-) anyone hosting Thanksgiving this year? Is there anything special you are planning to do with your table?


  1. I do the exact same thing. I'm so focused on Christmas that Thanksgiving completely sneaks up! This year we are doing a very simple Thanksgiving with just my parents and brother. It's my last one in the USA so simple is better for us this year. Spending time with each other and enjoying the blessings that God has surrounded us with!

    Lovin' the future table ideas - Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. nice round up....there are new recipes to try with brinjal,thanks for hosting....


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