Tuesday, November 1, 2011

54 Days to Christmas: Today's Challenge: Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup

My SIL Meagan is a girl who likes to take her holidays as they come. She doesn't discuss Halloween in September and she won't even entertain the idea of discussing Christmas before Thanksgiving. So when she texted me the other day to discuss our Thanksgiving menu this year, I about died! It was October 30th! I kid, I kid....but I am really proud of her for thinking ahead and it did make me realize that Thanksgiving is only a few short weeks away!! And with that in mind, I thought it was appropriate to forget Christmas for today and show another holiday some love :-)

Today's 100 Days to Christmas challenge is to start rounding up recipes for Turkey Day. The truth is...there are just some recipes you don't want to mess with. For example, I will never be able to have a Thanksgiving meal without my Mother-in-law Patti's sweet potatoes, or my Grandma's pumpkin pie, or my Mom's veggie/cheese casserole, or my Dad's Potica (Croatian nut roll), or a piece of Eric's deep fried turkey. Those things are just tradition for us and honestly...why mess with a good thing?

But last year, I realized we needed some other veggie side dish (other than the traditional casseroles) and so I tried a recipe for garlic brussel sprouts that ended up being so delicious, I make them twice a month for dinner.

This year, I want to try another veggie side dish that is a pretty big Thanksgiving tradition in most families...the Green Bean Casserole. But I want to try it a la Martha Stewart and fancy it up a bit. I found this recipe for Green Bean Casserole with Shallots and it sounds (and looks) DELICIOUS!!

I might have to explain to my Dad that shallots are just onions, since he usually resists anything that strays from the traditional :-) I just like that this casserole uses a lot of fresh ingredients, as apposed to a can of cream of mushroom soup. I may have to test run this recipe before hand though because I don't always have the best track record when it comes to trying new recipes at the last minute.

Man...I am getting hungry just thinking about all this delicious food!!! Although Christmas is my favorite holiday, I do love me some Thanksgiving. Its one of the few times a year that family can get together all around one big table to eat yummy food, share some laughs, and be thankful for all the things God has given us. Also, I really enjoy being able to break out my special Thanksgiving tablecloth :-)

So...has anyone else started menu planning for Thanksgiving yet? If you need a little help, Martha also has a great Thanksgiving Planner checklist that I printed for my home binder. You can download it here.

Happy Turkey Planning!


  1. Thanks for the Martha Stewart planning sheet-I need that!! I already have my menu planned out, but it's a little overwhelming to think about everything I have to get done :)

  2. What cute little girls! I love all of the party details!

    So, did you watch Bones? I loved it so much - soooo happy that Bones & Booth are finally together!

  3. Whoops, just realized I left that comment on the wrong post! I meant to write it on the most recent one...sorry!!


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