Friday, November 11, 2011

I Could Have Saved Money on Plane Tickets...

If I'd realized how much my kids love hanging out in suitcases. 

I mean really...I could just zip these puppies up and check them with the rest of the luggage.

Even with this little peanut taking up one side, there is still room for souvenirs! 

I kid, I kid. I know the plane ride won't be easy with these two (especially with the spiky-haired little one), but I'm packing smart and making sure these two have enough entertainment. I actually asked Addie to pack a few things she wanted to take with and this is what I found...

Lord knows we could never leave home without pinky or a baby doll. That would make for a VERY uncomfortable plane ride. For everyone on board. Blake will most definitely be taking Robot, so I think as long as we have blankies, snacks and two iPads loaded with episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse...we should be good to go.

Now, there are a few other essentials that Mommy will need to have. Since our flight is early, I won't be able to drink. Damn it! So I'll have to settle for a cocktail of Motrin, Dramamine, and Protonix (my tummy medicine). I contemplated throwing a Xanex in there too...but I think that may be pushing it. I didn't even bother picking up a new magazine or packing my Nook because I know my kiddies and I know I will not have the opportunity to read. Not that I would be able to read anyway, since I can't read when I am anxious. And anxious I will be my friends. In case I haven't said it before...

I hate flying.

I hate it so much that I almost considered driving to Florida.


But to be honest, 19 hours in the car with my kids scares me more than flying. Disney will be much more fun if we are all alive and still speaking to each other. So a plane ride it is!!

And if for some reason the ride there doesn't go well, I can just zip myself up in a suitcase :-)

Happy Friday Everyone!


  1. The kids look so cute in the suitcase! I'm sure the flight will be fine, especially with all of your planning ahead!! :)

  2. Oh my GOSH Blakey is getting cuter and cuter and CUTER! His hair :)

  3. You have the cutest kids ever!

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  5. lol...i'm going to fly as much as i can before my daughter turn two!

    here is my blog about being a modern mommy :)


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