Monday, November 7, 2011

Running for Chocolate & Two Birthday Cuties

Sorry for the late post tonight! I always feels so flattered when I haven't posted for a few days and I get e-mails and FB messages from "concerned" friends and family members. It warms my heart :-)

The truth is...I have no idea where today went!! I had this ginormous list of tasks and even though I got a few done, I am still looking at a bunch of unchecked boxes and it's already 9:00!! I guess I'd better get moving if I ever want to get to bed tonight :-)

So I thought I would start with a little recap from my fun weekend. As I said in my last post, I signed up for the Hot Chocolate 5K again this year (thanks to peer pressure from my buddy Barb) and I am SO GLAD I did. This year was a little warmer than last year, and it ended up being a really beautiful day. 

My super smiley, always cheerful running buddy Joe came out for this race also. I know you can't tell from this picture...but I think he had a lot of fun too. Ha!

Even though this year's race was warmer by almost 20 degrees, I think I got a little too excited when I left my gloves and ear warmers in the car. Here's Barb and I pretending to not be cold :-)

Our race was actually delayed by almost 20 minutes because a semi hit an overpass on our route. Boo!! So once the race finally started, we were excited to get moving and warm up. And warm up we did! 

Before the race, Barb and I decided we were going to take it easy and just run for fun. We kept pace with each other, did some people watching, looked at all the Christmas displays already going up in Macy's windows, took a big whiff of popcorn as we passed our favorite shop, contemplated jumping off the course for a quick Starbucks run, and finally crossed the finish line arm-in-arm. Finishing a race is always satisfying enough, but when you can finish with two of your best buddies AND get rewarded with chocolate fondue at the end...I call that a win/win :-)

And the fun didn't stop with the Hot Chocolate 5K this weekend. On Sunday, Addie and I made the haul down to central Illinois to celebrate the birthdays of two of my favorite sweeties. Sadly, Blakey Boy was running a fever so he had to stay home with Daddy. As much as I missed having him there, I was happy to spend some quality time with my baby girl.

One of the reasons I was most excited to get to Tara's was to see how all the party decor came together. Even though Tara NEVER gives herself credit for her creativity, she did a very impressive job with the girl's party. I did contribute one small piece...these little cupcake toppers to coordinate with their "Fall" theme party...

But she did the rest! She had the most adorable cupcake stand all set up in the kitchen, a work station for the kids to make acorn treats, and take-home bags of delicious carmel corn...

I wish I would have taken better pictures of the decorations, but I was too busy loving on these cuties.

Clearly...I should have worn some lipstick to the party. Yikes! But no one's looking at me anyway with these two birthday girls stealing the show. Here they are with their beautiful mama...

Notice the girl's birthday outfits? I hired my Mom to make them as part of my gift to the girls. I think she did a FABULOUS job, as always :-)

So like I said...I was all excited to spend some quality time with my baby girl at the party, but I guess I forgot that her boyfriend Connor was going to be there. I should haven't known she'd ditch me for boys.

I really wish I would have taken more pictures that day, but I was busy playing, chasing and making acorns with the kiddos. But I did get two very important shots. Here is Miss Brynn eating her cake...

And Miss Cora eating hers...

Actually, poor Cora had to be force fed cake. She was just not having it.

But this little chic didn't need to be forced AT. ALL.

She attacked that cupcake the same way her mommy does. That's my girl!!!

Although, I firmly believe that this cupcake was the cause of several meltdowns on our drive home that night. After two hours and fifteen minutes in the car with an overwhelmed, over tired, over sugared child...I am so so thankful that we decided to fly to Florida. Ha! But you can't blame a girl for wanting a cupcake after a fun day of hanging with friends. Speaking of which...I'm about to go eat the leftover cupcake that Tara sent home with me :-)

Happy Monday Everyone!!

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  1. Yay, we're so glad you and Addie made it down for the girls' party! You were a huge help with the kids :) I love the picture of Addie with her cupcake. She had to squinch up her nose to make room for all of that cupcake!


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