Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Traditions

It seems like only yesterday that my brothers and I were passing out on my Grandma's couch after a yummy Thanksgiving meal. It was nice being a kid. You didn't have to cook, plan a meal, clean the house or do the dishes. You showed up...ate...and then sat on the couch.

ACTUALLY...I think that's exactly what all the men in our family still do. HA! Just kidding guys...kinda :-)

Actually, in all fairness, my hubby is quite the turkey man. He has deep fried a turkey and helped me prep the oven turkey for the last four years. He takes great pride in this, and we have the pictures to prove it. Here's a pic from the first year we hosted Thanksgiving at our house.

And our second year...

Ans our third year...

And last year!

Okay...so maybe he didn't take great pride in his deep fried turkey last year, but it was still fun :-)

I realize I'm a pretty lucky girl to have all of my family so close by. No one has to fly anywhere or coordinate big trips to be together...we just get to drive to each other's house. We can make last minute decisions (like deciding to eat at my mom and dad's this year) and it doesn't mess up anyones schedule. That's a rare thing it seems, as I watch so many of my friends plan trips for the Thanksgiving holiday. But when I ask those friends if it's hard having to travel, they just say it's part of the tradition! 

And tradition is what it's all about!! In our family, it's tradition to be casual, eat until we can't zip our pants, sit on the floor and look through all the fun sale ads in the paper, drink lots of wine while we do dishes, watch some Charlie Brown with the kids and when there's room...eat some pumpkin pie :-) It's a day to be thankful and celebrate all the blessings we have been given. And let me tell ya friends...I have a ton to be thankful for :-)

So...what are your family's traditions? Do you get all dressed up? Do you host? Do you have something besides turkey for dinner? I always love reading about everyone else's traditions :-)

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