Thursday, December 29, 2011

Attention Organizing Junkies

If you or someone you know is addicted to organizing (or the idea of organizing)...this post is for you!!

As an organizing junkie, I get very giddy for the New Year for several reasons:

1. Organizing supplies are usually on sale! 

2. Everyone has de-cluttering on the brain, which means that people are busy sharing great tips, tricks and ideas.

3. It's the one time of year I can talk about my love of organizing without people rolling their eyes. Ha!

I think it's kind of funny that I love to organize so much, considering my house (and life) are in total chaos most of the time. I can NEVER find my car keys, there is almost always a basket of laundry on the floor of my bedroom, my SUV looks like someone is living out of it and you literally can't open my tupperware cabinet without everything falling out. 

I am not organized, but damn it I WANT TO BE!!!

I really want to have my house and life in such perfect order that I know exactly where something is the minute I need it. I would love to never have to hear, "MOM, where's my...........?" or "JEN, have you seen my........". Although, no matter how organized my house is, I am sure I would still hear both these questions on a regular basis because 90% of the time, the things people are looking for in this house are right in front of them. Just sayin...

But really...I would love to have a place for everything, and everything in its place. But to get to that point, I really need to work on one thing in particular.


That is my BIGGEST problem. I do have many things organized in my house, but I still have too much stuff. Stuff I know I don't need. But I am still a bit of a hoarder deep down. I have sentimental attachments to way too many things, and I have this problem of always thinking, "What if I can use or wear that again?" I have the perfect example.

I have been holding on to this really pretty red cami/tank top that I bought at Banana Republic when I was in college 10 FREAKING YEARS AGO. I've probably gone through my clothes 600 times since then, but I always keep this cami because it is a pretty color and I am convinced that I will find the perfect sweater to wear it with. So the opportunity finally came up this Christmas. I found this really pretty cream sweater and I thought "YES!!! That little red cami will be perfect!!!" So I tried it on and oh my lord...

It was hideous.

Too tight, too short and the lace around the top of it actually exposed my mom bra. I just started laughing (not because of how disgusting I looked in it) but because I have seriously kept this cami around for 10 years and the whole time it looked like this on me??? I realized then and there that my first mission is to actually try on every single piece of clothing I own. I have a feeling another blog sale may be in the works :-)

So is anyone else struggling with clutter? Do you hold on to things in the hopes of using/wearing it again? Do you keep things because you think your kids may want certain items when they are older? How do you know when to keep and when to toss? This is really what I need help with, so I thought I would share some of the great websites I have found.

My first and FAVORITE organizing website is I have posted about them before, but really...I love this site. All of their tips, tricks and lists are free and you can download them right to your computer. They always have great articles, like this week's Post Christmas Clean-Up: Clutter Cutting Ideas for Year's End, and the editor has even published a great book called Houseworks. This is also a great website to use when starting a Home Management binder.

Another fun site I stumbled across through Pinterest is In addition to having a lot of great organizing and de-cluttering tips, the author of this blog has a great sense of humor about so many things. Just read the post on Elf on a Shelf. Hilarious :-)

And finally, another great site I found through Pinterest is She has put together this fabulous 2012 Declutter & Organize Calendar that you can download for free. If you are someone like me who can only work productively with a solid plan...this calendar is for you :-)

So..enough talking about's time to get to work!!

But before I go, I just want to give some decluttering advice of my own...

Start a Home Management binder. 

SERIOUSLY friends. This has been such a great thing for me. Organizing important paperwork is something that a lot of people struggle with. I was constantly losing calendars, permission forms, invitations, school papers, etc. and once I put together this binder (and have now used it for a couple of months) I can honestly say that it has made a HUGE difference. Even Eric knows to look in the binder now for certain things and that alone is huge. 

In case you missed it a few months back, here is my How-To post on creating a Home Management binder, along with links to a bunch of free printables, including the ones I made :-)

Do yourself a favor friends and start by decluttering your desk or kitchen counter. All that mess looks a lot prettier in a cute binder :-)

Happy Decluttering


  1. well as you discovered when we met up...I am also always misplacing things!!!(I still laugh about you not finding your shoe and me looking all in my diaper bag for my key!!) Oh and I still havent told my husband I lost my coach sunglasses! lol.
    I REALLY want to be organized too! Justin got me a new purse for Christmas and the first thing I said was "I love it b/c it has so many pockets! I can stay organized and know where my cell and keys are all the time!!" His response was "yea if you actually put them in the same pocket each time which we both know wont happen" fast forward to the next day....I had my hands full with kids and groceries and just threw them in and had no freakin clue where they were when I needed them again! ugh. I love this post though...maybe it'll help me!

  2. I love, love, love everything about this post! Thanks for all the great website suggestions - you are a girl after my own heart and have inspired me to tackle some decluttering projects before the new year!

  3. GREAT post!! This is ALL on my massive to-do list. love the motivation. Can't wait to check out the referring sites;)

  4. Hi nice blog you have here and thanks for this post on getting organised. Pretty useful tips you gave out as well .. cool!!!

  5. Good luck! Decluttering and organizing is a never ending job! I love it and the results but I have been slacing lately... haha!


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