Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve!!

Christmas Eve at my mom and dad's house is something I look forward to all year long. We get to wear our jammies, eat LOTS of food, open gifts and then sit around and relax until we can't keep our eyes open anymore. 

As always, my parents went way overboard on us. Apparently every gift we asked for needed to be wrapped in a Christmas garbage bag. Ha!

That made playing Santa this year pretty easy :-)

Blake was the first to open his garbage bag...and what do you know...a new FIREHOUSE!!!

He was so excited :-)

And then Addie took her turn...

After opening her stuffed chicken from Aunt Di and Uncle Adam and her portable DVD player from Nana and Papa...she was set for the night. She didn't need anything else :-)

And speaking of Aunt Di and Uncle Adam...they totally hooked Blake up with this new John Deere tractor!!!

Sadly, Blakers was pretty overwhelmed by all the Christmas fun and needed to take a few time outs with Nana. I don't think she minded though :-) 2-year-olds...can't live with 'em...can't live without 'em :-)

After the kids were occupied with all their toys, it was time for the grown-ups to open! We got each other lots of great gifts, but the best ones are always the ones that can give you a good laugh :-)

You when you and your mom surprise each other with a book on starting your own Etsy business. Great minds think alike :-) I guess I know what we are doing this year!!!!

And of course, when you tell your sister-in-law that you want a blow dryer like this Twilight one and she gets it for you anyway :-)

Opening gifts is fun, but getting to enjoy all your fun new stuff is even MORE fun! I love when we can all just sit...

And play with our toys :)

Even the grow-ups :-)

We could have stayed at my parent's house all night, but we had work to do!! Santa was on his way and we needed to get two kiddies to bed :-) Stay tuned for his arrival!!

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