Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Grandparents, Doctors & Santa!

Hi everyone! Sorry for the late post today. We had a special Christmas visit from Great Grandma and Grandpa this morning and then a trip to the doctor this afternoon. BOO! We have really been hit hard with the sickies the last few weeks. I blame myself for bragging in November about how healthy everyone has been this fall. I guess we are just getting all our sickies out at once. Poor Blake got hit the hardest and is now recovering from a cold and his first ear infection. But he's a tropper...and the new garbage truck Great Grandma and Grandpa got him today is helping keep his mind off things :-)

And let's be honest...even the sickies can't put a damper on the fun that is the week before Christmas!!!!! The kids are both SO excited for Santa to arrive (and so are we!!) Santa actually delivered the kid's video messages tonight and I can't wait to show them tomorrow :-) If you want a peak at what Santa had to say, you can watch Addie's video here and Blake's video here :-)

It feels so good to be done with all my wrapping because it means Eric and I can spend our nights watching Christmas movies :-) Oh who am I kidding. Right now Eric is playing "High Noon" on his iPad and I'm reading this cute free book I downloaded from Amazon yesterday...

Yes...I said FREE book! If you have a Kindle or the Kindle app on your iPhone, you can download this book for free! Just click here to get your copy. It has lots of cute Christmas ideas I'll be sure to come back to next year.

So is everyone else SUPER excited about Santa coming this weekend??!!! I can't decide if Christmas is more fun as a kid...or as a parent :-)


  1. Believe me, as a Parent and Grand parent, I am more excited to watch my kids and grand kids than I think I ever was as a kid myself. The look on their faces means the world to me. I love all my kiddies, big and small!

  2. The best thing about the holidays is all the time with family! Enjoy every minute!! xoxo


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