Thursday, December 8, 2011

Organizing Toys...BEFORE Santa Comes

I don't know about you, but I am starting to get into panic mode thinking about all the new toys and things that we...I mean Santa...will be bringing into our house this year. Actually, it's not even Santa that's creating this mess. It's the super generous grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends that these kids have. I already know what our house is going to look like on December 26th and it's not going to be pretty.

So I have started to slowly weed out some of our unused toys for donation and I am trying to make room and re-organize for the things that are coming in. Luckily, my kids are pretty blessed to have great bedrooms and a playroom with lots of wonderful built-in storage (thanks to my amazing Daddy-O and his carpentry skills). These are the storage units in Addie's bedroom...

And the shelving in the playroom...

As you can see from these two pictures, I am a big fan of organizational bins and baskets. Although, you can never beat simple toy boxes. But with smaller toys, I just don't think there is any other way to keep them straight! The baskets in Addie's room are these from Pottery Barn Kids and the blue and metal baskets in the playroom are from Target. The PBK baskets are great and so adorable in person, but they are super pricey if you have to buy more than two. I got my half off on a special once so they were totally worth it, but I decided to stick with Target for the playroom because they were MUCH cheaper and work just as well.

When it comes to organization, especially with kids (who's needs and wants are always changing), I have found that the simplest containers, baskets and bins are the best because you can re-use them for different things. Addie's hot pink PBK totes are cute, but I will never be able to use them for Blake and if she ever decides she is over pink...I'm not sure what I will do with them.

But these Container Store simple plastic, stackable shoe boxes will always serve a purpose. 

I actually bought a case of 12 of these shoe containers before Eric and I got married. I used them for all my pretty shoes (which don't get worn much these days) and then I've slowly moved them into different rooms in my house to organize my velcro hair rollers, nail polishes, batteries, etc. Now, all 12 of my containers are being used in the kids playroom. They are the perfect size to keep smaller items like action figures, flash cards, doctor play sets, magnet games for the fridge, markers, crayons, stickers, puzzles and the list goes on and on. These are seriously my favorite plastic storage containers EVER and now that I've had them for over 6 years I can honestly say they are worth every penny. 

Another great purchase that I recommend to anyone looking for larger toy bins are these I Think I Canvas Hampers from Land of Nod. I use them for the kids hampers, as well as other storage in their room and in our basement play area. I love these because they are collapsible, durable, and only $16.95!

And lets not forget good old plastic drawers. 

I think I have at least 5 different plastic drawer sets in my house. Eric would always make fun of me and say that I would make a bedroom set out of plastic drawers if I could. Ha! He may be right because I really do love these. They are cheap, easy ways to organize and no matter what, you can always find something to use them for! 

In fact, my SIL Dana started using a set to organize all of Nia's dress-up clothes. It was such a good idea, I took a set of my drawers and put them in Addie's room last week. I LOVE that she can pull her play clothes out and put them away herself. I use the top drawer for tiaras, gloves and bags, the second drawer just for play jewelry (we have a lot) and the bottom two for costumes and clothes. This drawer set fits right in her closet and it is the perfect solution to our dress-up mess.

Another reason I love plastic drawers and other module units is that you can move them around to where ever you need them at the time. That is another reason I have really been digging some of these book and toy organizers that are out right now.

Blake would go crazy for this Cars set from, and I would strongly consider getting it if he didn't already have a book shelf and toy bin in his room. I think organizers like this are perfect for smaller rooms or shared rooms that don't have space for big book shelves. I know the novelty of it being a "Cars" set can limit you, but at only $24.00, it isn't a piece that you would regret paying the money for later. I also see on that they have a similar Disney Princess organizer. Oh boy...better not let Addie see that one :-)

I could seriously talk about organizing all day, but maybe I should actually get organizing instead of sitting on the computer talking about it. Ha! But please...if you have any great storage solutions for your house, be sure to share. I know we are all thinking the same thing right now :-)


  1. You are such a girl after my own heart! The organizational stuff gets me every time. I am so stealing Dana's (and your) idea for the dress up clothes. Matthew loves to dress up and it is always such a mess! The drawers will be perfect!

  2. I love having pretty bins/shelves etc for organizing!! I just bought a bright pink 9 cube shelving unit from Target for the girls' closet. Now Emma's clothes go in the dresser and Sam has the cubes for her stuff. I also bought pink fabric bins and purple flower bins for the cubes. All of it by Circo and I love the way it looks!! Can't beat Target! Cute/durable/cheap!!

  3. And I second Kristy's comment about the drawers for dress up clothes! Emma has a ton (she's getting more for Christmas) and it's always such a mess! I'm keeping this in mind for my next shopping trip! :)

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