Friday, December 16, 2011

Our 2011 Christmas Cards

One of my FAVORITE parts of the Christmas season is giving and receiving Christmas cards. I love seeing pictures of how everyone's family has changed and grown over the last year, and I love reading letters from dear friends that I don't get to see very often.

This year, I actually made two different Christmas cards because I couldn't decide which one to get!! Shutterfly just had too many to pick from :-)

Our first card is just of the kiddies. I LOVE this picture so much :-)

I also made a family card, which turned out equally cute. I tried to save these for friends and family members who haven't seen us in a while. My grandma insisted that she get a card with ALL of us :-)

I have seen so many beautiful cards this year, I may have to keep them up year round :-)

So...I am I the only one that made TWO different cards this year?


  1. Nope I did too. Actually made them off of My Memories and printed and Sam's. Turned out great. I still envelopes left from wedding invitations I made.

  2. Your cards are adorable!!!

  3. Love the cards! We made two as well:)

  4. Your cards is very nice. I almost like this cards picture....
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