Friday, December 9, 2011

Taking a Sick Day

Happy Friday everyone! The sun is shining, there is a fresh dusting of snow on the ground and the Disney Channel is showing some great holiday cartoons and movies. It's the perfect day to be housebound with my sick little man.

He looks real sick doesn't he?

I wish I looked that cute and happy after a night of puking. My poor little guy has the flu, but thankfully it seems to have just been a 12 hour thing. I am praying my other little peanut doesn't get it, because she is just getting over pinkeye. Poor kiddies. It's been a rough week around our house.

Luckily, Nana came to the rescue BIG TIME today and took Addie to her house to stay away from germs. It's been nice spending the morning with Blake and being able to cuddle with him on the couch. 

And let's be honest...Addie would rather be at Nana's house anyway. It's not like she's spoiled there or anything :-)

But I made my mom a promise that if she took Addie, I would actually use naptime to catch up on sleep myself. So much as I would love to blog about my Christmas wish list...I am going to take my Momma's orders and hit the couch.

I hope you all have a happy, HEALTHY weekend! 


  1. Hope the kiddos feel better soon. It is always hard when they aren't feeling well.

    Your morning sounding like mine. My daughter wanted to do nothing other than cuddle and watch shows. Now it is almost 2pm and I've accomplished nothing!

  2. Hope they feel better soon! We are all taking turns getting sick over here. You are reading a message by someone with a cotton ball stuck in her ear (ear-ache) and cough drop breath LOL!


  3. Ethan had the stomach flu this week, too. Like Blake, it lasted about 12 hours. Now he has the runny nose and cough. He also had a sinus infection right before Thanksgiving. He started preschool in November. I have a feeling this is going to be a very sick winter. Blah!

    I hope Blake is better soon and the sickies stay away from your house for a while!


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