Thursday, January 19, 2012

Because I Needed a Laugh Today

Tonight is my first night back to the classroom and I am both excited and totally freaking anxious about meeting my new group of students. I just know this is going to be the best semester ever because it has to be. It just has to be.

So...because I needed a good laugh to lighten my mood, I went to my Sillies board on Pinterest and pulled some of my favorite giggle-worthy pins. Some of these you might not get, or even find that funny, but to me...they are awesome.

Oh Ryan, those are words to my ears. And you're hot.

Target retail therapy. Awesome and so true.

Ladies...who's with me??

This song will be stuck in your head all day now. You're welcome.

You gotta love Harry Potter and Mean Girls to get this.

Sorry about the profanity...but I love this and it makes me crack up every time.

Again...sorry for the lack of class on this post. But if you love Anchorman like I do, I think you need one of these cross-stitched pictures in your house.

You want a few more laughs today? Follow me on Pinterest, especially my Sillies Board, and join in on the fun. So addicting :-)


  1. Thanks for the laugh! Those were hilarious!

  2. The Ryan Gosling "hey girl" meme is one of the best things ever invented. Have you ever seen the video of a journalist asking him to read some of them out loud? Hilarious!

  3. hahahaha I love the target one. because A. it's true and B. it's my life :)

    Lovely Little Rants

  4. I just joined pinterest a couple weeks ago but haven't been on it much yet to see what to do with it. Hope to get into it more soon!


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