Friday, January 6, 2012

Fun Fact Friday

Here are some fun facts for you this Friday night...

1. Miracles do happen. It's a fact, and I have proof. Just visit my cousin Diane's blog and read all about this little guy right here. I couldn't possibly be more happy for her and her husband Bill :-)

2. Waiting two long years to finally justify buying a new iMac was totally worth it. It's a fact, I actually hugged the box when I got it.

3. No matter how much you love your new computer, doing a data transfer is about as much fun as sticking a fork in your eye.

4. It was 55 degrees in Chicagoland today. We took advantage of the gorgeous weather by having a fabulous OUTDOOR playdate with my cousin Krissy. It was awesome.

5. I went for my first run of the year yesterday and didn't die. I actually ran a quick 2 miles without having to walk. I'm hurting today though :-)

6. Everyone in my house woke up healthy. I can't guarantee what tomorrow will bring, but I'm grateful for today.

7. We have ZERO plans for tomorrow and I'm stoked. 

8. This is a lame blog post. But really, it's all I can manage tonight :-)

I hope you are all having a fabulous start to the weekend! I promise next week will be more fun around here :-)

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