Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Jen Maintenance Plan

I've always been a big fan of making New Years resolutions. I love making lists and feeling the satisfaction when I can check things off. But I do all that regardless of the new year. Organizing my house and catching up on scrapbooks will ALWAYS be on my list of things to do and so I feel like my New Years resolutions this year should be bigger. They should be more significant than a bunch of tasks. And I finally figured out tonight what that resolution should be.

I want to be a better me.

Or maybe I should say a new me?? Either way...the goal here friends is self-improvement.

It's time for the Jen Maintenance Plan.

You see, I sort of have this problem with obsessing over things I can't control. I could worry my life away thinking about all the things that could happen to me or my family, or I could just appreciate the life I've been given, which is FULL of blessings, and enjoy every moment. So the first item on the Jen Maintenance Plan is to:


I also have this liiiiiittle problem of not being able to relax. I feel like every moment of every day needs to be filled with a task and sometimes I need to remember that relaxing is a task too! I shouldn't have a stack of 20 unread magazines, or a Nook full of unread books, or 5 unused mani/pedi gift certificates. I should take advantage of quiet time when I can and be willing to leave the house for no other reason than to just get my nails done. I know deep down I need this quiet time, and yet I never take it. So the next item on this list is to:


Learning to relax is going to be tough, especially with the insanely crazy lives we all lead these days. I think that's where my desire to get organized comes from...I want some control over the craziness and I feel if I could just cut down on clutter and chaos...I'd finally be able to relax. I think the key here my friends is really just to learn to:


I don't need all the things I have. I don't need all the clothes in my closet, or the appliances in my kitchen (I mean who has a rice cooker anymore?), or the toys in the kids playroom, etc. But you know what...someone out there does need those things. Giving food to a needy family this Thanksgiving and giving toys to sick children this Christmas made me feel so good inside...I want to do more. And not just at the holidays. I want to do more for others who are not as fortunate as me. I want to do all I can to:


I've been given this life that is so full of blessings, it almost doesn't seem fair at times. I carry a lot of guilt because so many friends and family members close to me are struggling with something. I have friends with husbands who are thousands of miles away. I have friends and family members struggling with infertility. I have friends and family members dealing with the loss of a loved one. I have friends and family members who are unhappy with their job, or home, or spouse, or life in general and it breaks my heart. Eric and I have struggles too, but nothing we should ever complain about. Ever. We need to just remember, every single day, to:


I need to be more appreciative of the life I've been given. I want to be a better mother. A better wife. A better daughter. A better sister. A better friend. A better teacher. And to achieve all this, I really need to work on one thing in particular. I need to:


I have to learn patience this year. I am too quick to argue. Too quick to raise my voice. Too quick to judge. Too quick to jump to conclusions. I just need to be more patient with everyone in my life...including myself. This is a tough one, but I NEED to do it. I need to:


I swear this is the final item on the Jen Maintenance Plan. One of my favorite bloggers posted the other day that her New Years resolution was to be more disciplined and if you think about it, that applies to just about everything in your life. To eat better, you have to be disciplined. To run a half-marathon, you have to be disciplined. To de-clutter your house, you have to be disciplined. To be a better you, you have to be disciplined. You get the point. It's all about discipline...and motivation :-)

And motivation I have my friends! If I am going to live my life to the fullest this year, there's no room for negativity. Or drama. Or self-doubt. Or regret. It's time to pull up my big girl panties and get this year started!! I want to get back into shape, physically and mentally, which means that you will probably be annoyed with all my motivational posts and updates by February. Ha! But for those of you that stick around, thanks for being my friend :-)

Happy New Year everyone!!!


  1. Those are resolutions that we all need to keep this year. I will use your list for my "Jan" maintenance plan. If these things happen, everything else in life will fall into place.

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  3. Wow...after reading this I could not help but feel that the words were coming right out of my mouth! Thanks for the extra motivation and putting the thoughts, that I lie awake with at night, on this organized blog:)


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