Monday, January 2, 2012

Lightening McQueen Turns 2!!

Blake's second birthday party, although it was thrown together rather quickly, turned out fantastic!! I've known for a while that I wanted to throw Blake a Disney Cars party because "cars" was like his second word :-) 

And putting together a Cars party could not be easier right now because EVERYTHING out there for boys has either Toy Story, Thomas the Train or Lightning McQueen on it. It worked out well.

And even though there were a million different Cars party invites out there to choose from, I still had to create my own. As you know, I am a HUGE fan of using because you can create your invite from scratch using your own materials, but then you also have access to all of their fonts, clip-arts, embellishments, etc. I also love the beautiful print work they do so this is the one time I don't use My Memories Suite.

Here is the front of his invite (the back is the picture above).

I tried really hard to decorate with his invite in mind. It was fun getting to use the red/white/black combo. It's so boyish :-) I went pretty simple with my decorations...

And made some labels for the treat bags...

And of course, we made homemade cupcakes with homemade toppers. I had two guys helping me with these and I think they did a FABULOUS job :-)

And since I'm all about giving credit where credit is due...I just had to share one of Eric's big contributions to the party. When I suggested getting some gas cans to fill with punch, Eric jumped right on the idea and came up with these adorable labels.

We had "Unleaded" punch for the kids, and "Leaded" coconut rum and pineapple juice for the adults. Pretty cute, huh? Nice work babe!!

The kids, of course, could care less about the decorations. They are just more concerned with looking good...

And having some fun! In fact, I think most of the adults are that way too :-)

Case in point...Uncle Ryan. That's his bootie. Climbing into the bouncie house....

He never misses an opportunity to play with his girl :-)

I swear...this bouncie was the best money ever spent!!

Blake was SO lucky to have so many of his buddies there to celebrate. Of course there's this cutie...

Who was doing some serious flirting with this cutie (my cousin Scott's daughter Natalie)...

And here is one of Blake's potential girlfriends...Miss Cora. Isn't she a doll??!!

And so is her sister, Brynn :-)

Speaking of flirting, this little chick couldn't keep her hands off her BF Connor. Seriously...she couldn't stop touching him.

My cousin Krissy was also able to make it out with her cute kiddies. This is Blake's buddy, Presley.

And Blake's Nanny, a.k.a. my adorable cousin Jill, was there to celebrate too! I call her the "baby whisperer" because the kids are seriously glued to her whenever she is around. wondering where the birthday boy is yet? Well...he wasn't feeling the best and he was glued to Nana most of the night. He did come out for some gifts...

He's not the biggest fan of opening gifts right now, but he hung on for a while...

But when all the kids started to swarm the gift pile (which tends to happen when there are 17 running around), I could sense Blake getting ready to bolt. See him looking at Jill? He's like "Get me the F*&% out of here!!"

Even Aunt Di saw the panic in his eyes and got a kick out of it :-)

Poor Blake :-) Even though the guests weren't there to see it, Blake went through each of his gifts one by one today and he was VERY appreciative. He is definitely a lucky guy :-)

After presents, we did Blake's next favorite thing...EAT CUPCAKES!!! As you will see, the birthday boy didn't even wait for his special cupcake with the candle. He just ate while we sang...

He did manage to blow out his candle though and that was sweet :-)

I'm not sure what he wished for, but I bet it was another cupcake :-)

You see...all he needed was a cupcake to sweeten him up and then he was passing out kisses left and right.

And he had lots of kisses to give with all the family and friends we had there to celebrate with. Great Grandma and Grandpa Davis were there...

And Great Nannie and Auntie Meagan...

And Great Aunt Sue and Mima...

And Great Great Uncle Chuck!

We are so blessed to have so many wonderful friends and family to celebrate with.

I am so glad everyone could make it out on New Years Day to be with us. I know everyone partied hard all through the holidays and the night before...which is probably why this little birthday boy didn't even make it up from the basement before crashing...

Honestly...I could have fallen asleep on the stairs too. Ha!!

In case I didn't say it enough when everyone was here, THANKS SO MUCH for all the love and generosity you showed Blake this weekend...and every day of the year. It was a fabulous party :-)

So my little Blakester...your second birthday has come and gone. Here's to another year of health and happiness and many, MANY more to come!


  1. Very cute party, girlfriend!!!! Erics idea was awesome! Can't believe Blake is two! I will never forget waiting impatiently for Nana to post after your c section!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Blake! I love the party and the decorations! And best of all the family and friends to celebrate with! What a blessing!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Blake! What a cute party idea.

    I know you have given instructions before but what sizes do you use for the cupcake toppers? (To create and punches) We have a 2nd and 6th birthday party for our kids in a couple weeks and I need to create something for our daughter and our son.

  4. Oh my gosh! This party looks too cute! :)

  5. Fabulous decorations Jen...if thats what you can do last minute I might have to crash your next well planned party! Blake is too cute, and I love,love,love the pic of him laying on the floor. It looked like a great way to start 2012.

  6. You did a great job on the decorations! Can you please give a tutorial of how to create the cupcake toppers? I am planning my sons 1st birthday(Elmo) in February. I have been making decorations via my cricut from the Elmo's Party cartridge. However, I don't know how to make all of these nifty toppers, wrappers, etc. Thanks in advance!

  7. So cute! Both my boys love lightening mcqueen. The first movie came the day my oldest turned 4. We have been collecting the toys ever since!


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