Monday, January 30, 2012

Mission Organization: De-Cluttering Your Wardrobe

I once knew this girl that could fit all of her clothes in a Rubbermaid bin. We were in college together and when I arrived my freshman year with about 6 bins of clothing (just for that current season) and saw that she had only one...I made a pretty big assumption. 

This poor girl is going to be SO mad she didn't bring more clothes.

But you want to know the funny thing? This girl ALWAYS looked cute. And put together. And never complained about not having something to wear.

How could that be?? I mean...I had enough clothes to dress everyone in my dorm and so did my why were we the ones sitting on our beds in t-shirts whining about how we had nothing to wear that night? And how could one-bin-of-clothes girl look like she just stepped out of a J.Crew magazine? 

I still think about this girl from time to time, especially when I'm standing in my closet looking at a ridiculous rack of clothing, whining about how I STILL have nothing to wear. And here is a peak at my closet friends. I am actually a little embarrassed to post this, but I think you all need a visual.

Clearly I'm a clothes whore.

I realize to some, my wardrobe may look small and to others, it may look completely overwhelming. No matter where you are in that spectrum, I think we can all agree that someone with a closet full of that many clothes should NEVER say, "I have nothing to wear".

And I know I'm not alone, right ladies? And gentleman too perhaps? Even Eric is a little guilty of keeping a bunch of clothes and wearing the same 5 shirts over and over again. He is much better than I am, but I think everyone is a little guilty of holding on to an article of clothing in the hopes that they will wear it again. But be honest, how often do we pull out a shirt that hasn't been worn in 10 years and suddenly fall in love with it again? I know it does happen, but not often!!

So if you are a hoarder/clothes-whore like me...and you want to FINALLY seek's your chance. My mom and I own several organizing books and in each one, there is always a chapter on clearing wardrobe clutter. But one book in particular had a really great list of guidelines to help you decide what to keep and what to toss. Here they are:

1. The item should represent your current style and the image you wish to project to others.

2. The item should fit you well and complement your body shape.

3. The item should work in coordination with a minimum  of two other items in your wardrobe.

4. The item should be in good condition.

5. There should be space for the item to be properly stored.

6. You should like how you feel when you wear the item.

7. You should have an occasion in the next year to wear it.

These guidelines are so simple, and yet most of us never take them into consideration when we purge our closet. One of my favorite sweaters from Banana Republic is about 12 years old (seriously) and it is so worn and pilled that I haven't put it on in at least 2 years. But at one point it was my favorite and for some reason, I just haven't let it go!! Total violation of #4.

Actually, I am violating just about every guideline on this list, but the biggest violation for me is #5. I never feel like there is enough room in my closet to hang shirts properly, to store shoes and purses properly, etc. It's because I have too much stuff that I don't wear or use mixed in with the stuff I do. I refuse to let my wardrobe work it's way into other closets or spaces so it's time to get to work!! This is my mission for the month of February. I know it's gonna take some time to weed through things but I promise that when I am done, there will be a sweet blog sale to follow because you never know...some beautiful clothes that violate #2 for me may not for you!!

So, is anyone else in the process of working on their closet? Anyone else feel like their clothes are getting totally out of control? Or better someone out there really great about keeping their wardrobe under control? I think all of us could use some tips :-) And then...when we ALL get our closets cleaned up...maybe we could have a Blog Sale link up party!! We could all sell our stuff and maybe find some new pieces to take up some of the space we cleared :-)


  1. LOL--I have cleaned out my closet TWICE this winter and it still looks just like yours!! Clearly, we have an issue!

  2. I also read in one of my books that the best way to de-clutter a closet is to completely empty it, wash down the walls, and vacuum. Start a stack to keep and a stack to give away. Everything you put back in should be hung with the hanger in reverse. If it's still in reverse after the season is over that means you have not worn it and it GOES!!!! I need to do this. I just stood in my closet last week, which is a walk-in and all mine, and announced that I had nothing to wear. SAD!

  3. I am so guilty of violating all of those guidelines. I always feel like I will need/want to wear an item again "one day". I need to do some serious organizing and weeding out! I like the idea of emptying out the closet and starting over!

  4. Funny I just blogged about helping my husband clear out his. Need to do mine next!

  5. LOL! I should send you a picture of our closet... I'm a pathetic woman. I have maybe 1/3 of the clothes you do. :) However, I do have A LOT of bras and unz I need to get rid of and I REALLY need to go through my sweats drawer. Oh sad day... I need to replenish my black sweat stockpile. I mean, I live in those things. Probably why I barely have any clothes! ;)

  6. Your closet is great! Organization is the key to everything!


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