Thursday, January 12, 2012

Only in the Midwest...

Can you go from a beautiful, sunny, 52-degree day...

To a snowy, blustery, 19-degree day overnight...

I know a lot of people aren't with me on this one, but I'm kinda liking the snow today. After all, it IS January! This beautiful spring-like weather we've had the last two months has been wonderful, but we knew the cold and snow was coming eventually. We have some sleds and kiddie snow shovels in our garage just waiting to be I'm glad the kids will have an opportunity to play with them. 

Then of course, once we all have our fun in the snow this week, it can go away until next year :-) I can tell that spring fever is going to come on QUICK this season!


  1. Yeah I'm none to thrilled with the snow. I was perfectly fine with a 45* winter. I was secretly hoping to just skip to Spring!


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