Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Runners Block

I once read somewhere that running is 90% mental. 

Well...I am not sure my sore thighs and ass would agree with that percentage break down, but I truly believe that running is more mental than anything else.

In the last year and a half that I've been a runner, I've come to realize 3 very important facts about myself:

1. I run better outside. Period.
2. If I go into a run already doubting my ability to reach a pace or distance goal, I will fail every single time.
3. I must run with headphones or a runny buddy. I don't do silence.

The problem with these three things is that they are ALL challenged in the winter. I hate running on the treadmill and because I hate running on the treadmill, I almost always go into a run with a negative attitude. And because I am on the treadmill, I don't have a running buddy. Sure, I still have headphones but that's about it. This has made for some painful runs this past week.

But then...as soon as I am losing my motivation and doubting my huge running goal this year, I find the inspiration I am looking for.

I received this e-mail today from lululemon.com, as I was laying on the couch with the kids inhaling some Teddy Grahams, and it simply said:

It's like they were speaking directly to ME!!!

The goal really is that simple if you think about it. Get your ass off the couch and start moving. 

I just need to keep going and fight through the boredom that is the treadmill. Or better yet, layer up and get outside. I see runners all the time in 40, 30, even 20 degree weather around here. I'm not sure if I'm that hard core, but I do know that if I EVER want to get back into running shape, I can't sit around making excuses. So here's the plan...

1. Run outside whenever I can. It will be in the 40s later this week so I will definitely bundle up and get out there.

2. Get myself some virtual running buddies. The Nike+ app lets you play "Tag" and set up competitions with other friends so my buddy Joe and I are going to start that this week. If anyone else uses Nike+ let me know and we can set up a game!

3. Buy some new running clothes. I mean, I do owe it to lululemon for motivating me today right?

4. Sign up for some races. Get the dates in the calendar so there is no backing out for lack of training.

5. Be positive. Shit that's a hard one :-)

So...is anyone else struggling to get back on track after the holidays? Or better yet, has anyone started running for the first time (or again) as a goal this year? For all of you just coming back to the sport after a break like me, remember something else the lululemon e-mail team said...

Your feet know the way...
You just have to follow them :-)


  1. I hate running on the treadmill too, but one thing I do to break it up is to do different speeds which keeps me entertained. Right now I'm doing couch 2 5k and during my 3 minute runs, I do one minute at 7.0 mph, one at 6.5mph and one at 6.0mph. It gives me little mini-goals while I run which I like!

  2. Just started back running after nearly 20 years of not running. My first 12 weeks my jog was actually slower than I can walk, but I kept at it and finished my 5k. I am now doing the same program again trying to just go faster and build more endurance. I am still struggling and always looking for motivation, because believing I can do it is half the battle. Loved your post for this reason!

  3. After having two babies, 13 months apart and the youngest turning two next month, I am back into running after quite a break. I agree with everything that you said. Luckily, I live in central Texas so I don't often have to battle weather, but I do battle scheduling in it's place.

    One thing that I am doing to help me stay motivated to train for the Austin half coming up in February is training for someone. The Austin Marathon is a LiveStrong event so I am running for two young people that I know battling cancer. I have made this clear to family and my husband. When I am dragging before a run, my husband politely reminds me who I'm doing it for. Just an idea to try if you are looking to train for a particular event.

    If you need an online buddy let me know!! I could use one too!! Good Luck!!

  4. I wanted to try the tag on Nike+ the other day... Email me Joe's and your user names and I'll play it with you guys...

  5. I ran on the treadmill tonight...I despised every moment of it!! BUT, I set a lofty goal for the half in June so I am going to have to start training now....and lets be honest, today, Chicago weather just stunk! I need to set up Nike+ on my iphone!! I don't know about this app!

  6. you can do it!! i just started half marathon training...its hard! i bought new clothes and am pounding pavement. it is awesome running in the cold! (and i don't sweat much!)


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