Monday, January 23, 2012

Surviving Winter

Once upon a time, I really loved winter. 

I loved wearing sweaters, staying cozy inside and working on home projects on my days off. I still love all these things, but they are a bit more challenging to accomplish these days. I mean, you could spend an ENTIRE morning reorganizing and cleaning the kid's playroom so that it looks like this...

And then come back 20 minutes later to admire your hard work and find it like this...

It's defeating. 

And it makes me hate being trapped inside with kids who, even with a MILLION toys, still get bored and end up trashing rooms for fun.

Now, I will say that there have been two things that have been keeping the kids busy indoors the last few weeks. The first is this AWESOME train table my MIL and FIL got Blake for his birthday.

Both kids have been spending lots of time at it and even though they have been good about not trashing it for the most part, we are VERY close to hot gluing the whole damn set to the table. Now that Blake knows he can remove track pieces, he feels the need to carry them all over the house. 


Now, the other  new "toy" we have been spending a ton of time with is our new chalkboard!!! Ever since I set up the kid's playroom last winter, I've been wanting to do a chalkboard wall. But time passed and I could never decide where I wanted it or how I wanted to paint it. And now that I can see a year or two down the road and envision Blake's bedroom being in this space, I don't know that I want to paint a chalkboard on the wall anymore.

So when the fabulous people at offered to send me a chalkboard for review, I jumped at the chance!!

This is the board we chose (in 36" x 48") so that it would fill this open space in the playroom... 

Pretty perfect, right?!! I couldn't get over how well the frame around the chalkboard matched our shelves.

We've had this chalkboard hung for almost a month now and there are 3 things I absolutely love:

1. The size. I almost went with a size smaller but once I hung it up, I realized the 36x48 was perfect.

2. The fun factor. I love that both kids can play at the board together and I am surprised by how much Blake wants to draw on it!

3. Quality. For the price on Wayfair, you honestly can't beat the quality. The chalkboard is sturdy, wipes perfectly clean (after curing of course) and the wood frame is a classy touch. Some day, I may steal this chalkboard for another room in my house and I love that it is kid friendly and stylish :-)

The one and only thing I wish the board had (at this stage anyway) is a ledge for chalk and an eraser. The kids have a plastic container with all their chalkboard supplies but it would be nice to have a ledge too. Although, with a ledge would probably come a bigger mess so maybe it is a good thing that it is missing.

So friends...if you are looking for a fun activity indoors and don't want to mess with chalkboard paint on your own, I highly recommend checking this one out :-)


Now, as much as I HATE the cold, there comes a point when you just need to give up on the indoor activities, bundle up and head outdoors.

Luckily, we got a fresh blanket of snow this Friday...

So we got all bundled up and headed out to enjoy.

This little chick would stay out ALL DAY if we'd let her. She loves the outdoors.

This little guy does too...

But only because he likes to help out this big guy.

He will follow him up and down the driveway and all around the neighborhood, carrying his little shovel.

My two little snow bunnies :-)

I know I've mentioned this before, but we are really blessed with the most fabulous neighbors. I don't know what we would do without Sue and Jack. They are just so much fun!

And speaking of's really not a day in the snow if you don't make snow angels...

I got snow down my pants doing this...

But it was worth it because this little girl thought it was awesome :-)

After playing, shoveling and making snow angels...this mama was cold and ready to go inside. The kids, of course, wouldn't come in. Turns out the swing set is just as much fun in the winter :-)

So friends...what are you doing to survive winter? Are you organizing your brains out, getting creative with indoor activities or braving the weather for outdoor fun? Or are you doing all of the above like us?

I'll tell ya...I'm really hoping the groundhog comes through for us this year :-)


  1. Hi! Thank you so much for sharing... I LOVE the toy room! Where did you find the letters so cute! I hear you about cleaning and then mins later it's a mess! Glad I'm not the only one! Great post!


  2. I laughed when I saw the before/after. LOL, ahh kiddos.

    I am SO over winter and it's been pretty mild but I'm over it. Ready for Spring flats and a light jacket!

  3. I actually really miss the snow down here. All we got this year was a small dusting once. But now that it is almost Feb I am just ready to get to spring now. Maybe there will be snow for us next winter.

  4. I too laughed out loud when I saw the before and after photo of the room! Defeated is a good way to put it. :) It's amazing how trashed a room can get in just minutes. I guess we all just need to hang in there.


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