Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Valentines Day Goodies, Ideas & a FREE Printable

Last year, Addie and I had a lot of fun making Valentine's treats for all her little ballerina friends. They were just cookie cutter rice crispy treats covered in frosting or chocolate and sprinkles.

We tied them up in cute little plastic treat bags with some valentines day ribbon and they were ready to go!

This year, I am in charge of Addie's preschool Valentine's Day party and I have been searching around Pinterest for some ideas. I saw this one, and thought it was adorable...

I also thought these Valentines Hot Chocolates were precious...

Addie's preschool tries to keep things pretty healthy for the kids at snack time, but they tend to make a little exception when it comes to the parties. And I mean come on...what's valentine's day without some sweets? I just have to figure out what sweets to share. But when I do, I know I want to use these little printables I made this weekend.

These will work great for a bag of candy, a decorated cookie or rice crispy treat in a plastic bag, or even as a cupcake topper! If you want to download my free printable you can do so here. You can customize it to any size you want, but if you want some instructions on how to print multiple on a page, check out my Mac tutorial (sorry PC users, although I am sure your steps are pretty similar :-)

Addie and I also did a little shopping at Michael's this week because I wanted to find a craft for the kids to put together at the party. While we were there, we found these SUPER cute little clothespin animals and we made a few today. Don't they look precious clipped to a red treat bag?

There are SO many great ideas on the internet right now and I am sure this won't be my only Valentine's post. It's just fun to start searching and playing with ideas. If you have any great suggestions for Valentine's Day treats, especially for preschool aged kids, be sure to leave a comment. I would love to have a reason to make some more Valentine's themed printables to share :-)

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  1. Awww so many cute ideas! I just might have to use some of these myself, super adorable :)


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