Sunday, February 5, 2012

Birthdays, Big Babies & Beauty & the Beast

Let's start this post by talking about this cutie, shall we?

I haven't had any real quality time with my little Owen since Christmas and that was just WAY too long! I know it was Aunt Meagan, Uncle Ryan and Papa's birthday celebration but as always, the kiddies stole the show. Especially this little man who got lots of lovin.

I still can't get over how fast this little guy is growing. He's like 8-months going on 2 years!!

Nana and Papa with their youngest peanut.

I've really been looking forward to this birthday celebration for a while because our family always has so much fun when we get together!

The kids love getting together too, but they get especially excited when there are presents to rip into.

It's a good thing Auntie Meagan and Uncle Ryan were such good sports :-)

I think Papa was the only one that got to open a present alone! Ha!

One of the things that made last night so special for us was watching the kids play together. Addie is the little leader who makes sure everyone is getting attention (even when they don't want it). Blake just sort of does his own thing and pops in every once in a while to say, "Hello" or "Oh Man!" And then there's Owen, who is really coming into his little personality. He talks and coos and is SO CLOSE to saying his first word. He can sit up alone now and wants to crawl so bad he can hardly stand it. Personally, I think this peanut is just going to skip crawling all together and get up and walk one day. He is already standing like a champ!

I can't wait until Owen can walk because I can already picture the kiddies running all over the yard this summer. Ahh.....summer :-)

So that was our Saturday....spending quality family time and eating some ice-cream cake (and Chick-Fil-A for the FIRST time)!

Today, it was more quality family time but I got to have an extra special afternoon with my little girlfriend.

She's been asking to see Beauty and the Beast 3D at the theater so I decided to take her this afternoon. We got some pizza together for lunch, did a little shopping and got a new necklace to wear to our Valentine's Day party, and then we loaded up on popcorn and Twizzler.

This girl was so excited for the show to start...

But by the time we got done with 30 minutes of previews and a Rapunzel short clip (which was super cute) she was already getting antsy. But then the movie started and it was SO FUN in 3D! I even had a good time watching it, especially since Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney classic :-) When I was young, I never liked watching all the fighting at the end. I just wanted to see Belle in her gorgeous yellow dress and then I was good to go.

So...I guess I shouldn't have been surprised when Addie turned to me after the ballroom scene and said, "Okay...we can go home now." I didn't even fight her. I mean, who needs the last 15 minutes of the movie anyway? Ha! We had a really fun time together today and I'm SO EXCITED for our Disney on Ice trip this coming weekend!!!

Reading over this post makes me understand now why I am so stinking tired tonight. We had a lot of fun! Daddy got to have his guys night tonight to watch the Super Bowl and even though I only tuned in for the half time show (I heart Madonna), I still get excited for the winning team when I see all the highlights on the news. What an amazing feeling that must be! I feel bad for Tom Brady...but he gets to go home to one of the hottest women in the world and snuggle with his precious kids so you know...I don't really feel THAT bad for him :-)

Alright friends...time to grade some papers. Nighty Night!


  1. She is such a doll! and her hair is getting sooo long! What a sweetie! I am totally jealous you got to take her to see beauty and the beast... one of my all time faves! I need a little girl to do fun stuff like this with, dont you think??

  2. What a fun weekend! Beauty and the Beast is my favorite too! And what did you think of Chick-Fil-A?! We love it!

  3. I so want to take Elaina to see B&TB! I'm not sure if she'll sit through it... or if her mom will allow it, for that matter. ;o)

    1. Ohh wow such a nice weekends...

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