Monday, February 13, 2012

The Davis' Buy an RV...

When Eric and I started dating, one of the first things we found in common with each other is our love of camping. I had to explain to him, of course, what my idea of camping is. I will sleep in a tent...with a blow up mattress. I will get long as I can find a shower. I will cook food on an open long as I didn't have to kill or skin anything. I like the outdoors...but I'm not really into being one with nature, if you know what I'm sayin.

Luckily, Eric is a bit of a luxury camper himself so when he told me that he would like to get an RV some day, I was sold. On him and the RV.

Getting something like this before we had kids was just not possible. We were planning a wedding, trying to find a home to start our family, etc. A camper was the last thing we could afford. So we waited.

For 5 years we've waited. To get settled in our home, to have our babies, to save money, etc. And now the time has FINALLY come and we couldn't be more excited.

We are RV owners my friends!!! This is going to be our beautiful new home away from home...

"Isn't she a beaut, Clark?" is nearly impossible to avoid the Cousin Eddie jokes at this point. And we love them...but just know that we are going to charge $5 for every time a person asks if our "Shitter is full" Ha!

So let's get to the fun stuff shall we? You a few pictures of our digs on wheels.

Here is our gorgeous living area...

Our kitchen...

Dining area...

Living area and pull-out sofa...

The kiddies room...

The HUGE tub for washing off all that dirt :-)

Our cozy bed to crash in...

And Eric's FAVORITE part...our outdoor kitchen.

Isn't she gorgeous?? We got the most amazing deal, especially since we were able to trade in a vehicle we've been trying to sell for a year. It was meant to be :-)

Now we just have to wait patiently for camping season to begin! I get tears in my eyes thinking about all the wonderful memories we are going to have in this camper. We can travel the US, spend weekends at our Beach & Recreation Club and best of all...spend quality time together as a family :-)

Let the adventure begin!!


  1. How exciting! But I must say this is one thing we don't have in common. Me and camping don't mix! LOL.

    Your RV is really nice!!

  2. Jen! I am so excited for you!!! I remember last year when you went to the RV show last year and were talking about when you would buy your own!! SO EXCITING! You know, Disney has it's own camp ground too.... just saying. SO.EXCITING!

  3. Wow! Totally awesome!!

  4. Oh you are going to make so many awesome memories in that thing! We camp with Luke's parents quite often and I have come to love it! (gasp)

  5. So fun! Since I have two boys I guess I need to become a little more "one with nature"... THIS I could handle! :-)

  6. Congrats! It looks cozy and beautiful! Wishing you all many wonderful future memories!

  7. Do you know how excited I am about you and this RV? Like, pee my pants excited!! Seriously! It's awesome!! I can not wait for you to drive that thing to So IL! You will fit right in and we have a perfect spot you can park it! :)

  8. Kate beat me, but Disney does have a camp site. That sounds like the perfect place to make some great family memories :)

  9. Oh!! Come West!!!!!! Pllllleeeeaaaaassssseeee!!!!


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