Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Let's Talk About My Little Dude & His Sinus Issues

I know that every mom thinks their child is the cutest thing in the world...but seriously. Tell me this little guy is not adorable!!

Blakey and I took a little trip to the ENT this week to talk about his chronic runny nose. His Pediatrician has watched it for 2 years now and because we have had several sinus infections, he thought it was a good idea to talk to an ENT just to see what they think.

To be honest, I was a little reluctant to see a specialist because it seems that whenever you do go to one, they are ready to jump right into surgery. I am prepared to go through an Adenoidectomy with Blake if that is the only to way to get this little guy some relief, but I want to make sure we explore every other option first. We have tried allergy medicines and Allegra was doing the trick this summer. I thought we had found our solution. But this fall, the meds didn't clear his nose enough and we got another sinus and ear infection.

At our appointment yesterday, the ENT thought it was promising that Blake does sleep well (typically poor sleep is a sign of Adenoid problems), and that the Allegra was helping this summer. So, she decided to put him on Nasonex to see if a nasal spray would be a better fit for him. She said if he does find relief from the spray, we can keep him on it as needed. But if it does not help, we will have to take a closer look at the Adenoids and go from there.

I know from so many parents that an Adenoidectomy is a super common procedure that I should not be scared about, but I still hate the idea. I am praying that we can control all this with allergy meds but in the end, I just want whats best for my little guy. Has anyone else gone through this with their kiddies? Is your child on allergy meds/nasal sprays and are they working for you? Have any other natural or home remedies helped? And for those of you who's kids have had their Adenoids taken was the experience for you? Did your kids recover quickly? I am just trying to prepare myself mentally for whatever may come in the next month or two.

Thanks in advance for the help friends! I hope everyone is having a great Wednesday!  


  1. My little guy is having issues too! He sleeps well, but snores like a truck driver. My MIL said that that's not normal (she's a nurse), so I'm thinking we should get it checked out. He also did the allergy meds, and they worked ok. Hopefully, Blake gets to feeling better soon!

  2. he is SUPER cute - hope he feels better soon!

  3. Can't speak for if it works well on kids..but I had a horrible ear infection for over 3 weeks..did two rounds of antibiotics and then the doc put me on nasonex. Ear infection and sinus issues were gone in a day! Hope he feels better soon and you can find a remedy that doesn't include surgery!

  4. Hope he feels better! I have been having issues for years, and I am a bit older;) I am getting a sleep study done and might get my adenoids, tonsils, etc taken out. The Beauty of getting 6 sinus infections a year.

  5. My 2nd son who just turned 2 has struggled with a chronic runny nose and ear infections since the age of 11 months. It was never ending. He was an okay sleeper just restless and snoring. Antibiotics worked while he was on them and then the cycle of sinus and ear infection would start again within a day or two of finishing....So in May he got tubes and adenoids removed. It worked great for him (he takes singulair also)...until now. No ear or sinus infections for 9 months. Two weeks ago I noticed ear drainage and thick snot again and the PED couldn't see his tubes so he is finishing up the meds to see if it helps or if we need to call or ENT. I believe the tubes have fallen out? I was so fearful to have the procedure done but it was honestly an anwser to our prayers. I hated seeing him sick all the time and it really helped until now. I would do it all over again..

  6. Wish he seems better! I have been having issues for many, and I am a bit older;) I am getting a relax analysis done and might get my adenoids, tonsils, etc taken out. The Beauty of getting 6 sinus microbe microorganisms bacterial microbe infections a period.
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